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2017 Phase Five Hammerhead 53” Blem


  • Regular price $500.00

The Hammerhead is Drew’s brainchild. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. The squared nose allows it to stay stable and fast when riding revert. Wrapped with our Gatorskin™ technology, the tail shape keeps you turning off your back foot like a traditional surf board. With the Hammerhead, a little luck and a lot of practice you might be able to ride like Drew.

Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
50 50" × 20.25" × .75" 10 Liters 175 Lbs.
53 53" × 20.5" × .75" 11 Liters 200 Lbs.
55 55" × 20.75" × .75" 12 Liters 225 Lbs.

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

Build Material Gatorskin™ 
Supplied Fins Skim style 1" Single
Traction Skim Performance Pads