Phase Five Chip BLEM Foil Board 50"


The Chip is re-designed for 2022. It has been extended in length to 50” and features a sleek outline that is geared for the most advanced foil riders. Many experienced foil riders are gravitating to smaller sized boards since the need of a larger board is rendered useless once the rider is on foil. The Chip is ready to deliver yet another entirely new foiling experience. The sensation of flying across the water without seeing the nose of a board underneath is awesome. Equipped with Phase Five foot straps, the Chip is ready to go! Riding with foot straps helps the rider make faster turns and ride more aggressively. The complete Chip Board + Foil package comes with the Phase Five Nova Foil. The Phase Five Nova Foil is equipped with a longer 28" mast for more room to fly and pump, something seasoned foilers will appreciate.

**Board had a small amount of air between fin box. Spot was injected with resin and repaired to factory standards**


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