2024 Operation Wakesurf Schedule

2024 Operation Wakesurf Event Schedule

April 4-6th: "Salute to Service" / Peoria, AZ

May 1-6th: "Salute to Service" / California

May 24-25th: Wakesurf Event / Georgia

June 2-6th: "Salute to Service" 3 Day Retreat / Mooresville, NC

June 13th: FUNdraiser ("Salute to Service" Concert) / Nashville, TN

June 21st: PCM Event / Details TBD

July 3rd: "Salute to Service" Adaptive Event / Georgia (Details TBD)

July 18th: Wakesurf Event / Minnesota

August 3rd: Wakesurf Event / Texas

September 11th: "Salute to Service" / Utah

October 12th: Wakesurf World Championships

Operation Wakesurf is a non-profit organization founded by avid wakesurfer Robby Maschhaupt in Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to get people on the water who wouldn’t have the ability to under normal circumstances. They work with first responders and military personnel to provide a unique and personal on-water experience. They have gotten numerous people surfing with plenty more planned! For more info, check out their websiteHERE.

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