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Heading into 2024, we were looking to expand our amateur team with some of the best and brightest riders out there! We feel these riders will be a great addition to the Phase 5 squad and are looking forward to seeing them shine in 2024. Get to know some of the new team below!

Name: Songkrod Jomboon aka “BM”
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Years Riding: 1 year, 2 months
P5 Board of Choice: Key 50”
Favorite Trick: 720 bigspin
Instagram: @bm_songkrod
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: 2023 CWSA World Champ (Outlaw Men’s Skim)
A Little Bit About Songkrod: "I've been involved in various water sports, including surfing, surfskating, flowriding, and wakesurfing. My journey began with surfing at a young age, and then I transitioned to competitive flowboarding. The COVID-19 pandemic led me to pivot to surfskating as a way to stay active. This new sport gained popularity in Thailand, but I had to take a break when I joined the military. Upon completing my service in 2022, I embarked on a new adventure in wakesurfing, finding fulfillment in this exhilarating water activity.
Before I started wake surfing, I competed in flowboarding just like Sean Silveira, and I became the world champion in 2019.
In just one year of riding, I clenched my first world title in theCWSA (2023) Outlaw division. This achievement is a testament to my hard work, determination, and unwavering passion for wakesurfing. I'm incredibly proud and excited to continue pushing my limits in the competitive wakesurfing scene."

Name: Mo Hamoui
Location: Lake Stevens, WA 
Years Riding: 5
P5 Board of Choice: The Key!
Favorite Trick: Front Shuv + Blind Body Varial 
Instagram: @Mo_Hamoui
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: Signing my contract with MasterCraft Boat Company
A Little Bit About Mo: "I surf year round in WA (Lake Stevens), love cinematography/videography (own a business), and am obsessed with cars/motorcycles.

Name: Cade Lybeck
Location: Alexandria, MN
Years Riding: 12
P5 Board of Choice: Key 50” 
Favorite Trick: 540 bigspin
Instagram: @cadelybeck_
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: I took 2nd place at the 2023 Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship in the male amateur skim division.
A Little Bit AboutCade: "I enjoy filming and editing videos for Youtube and just spend most of my time at the lake during the summer doing what I love!"

Name: Dave Williams aka "Big Wave Dave"
Location: Tampa, FL
Years Riding:6
P5 Board of Choice:Zilla v2 and Kahuna
Favorite Trick:The Alligator
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: It’s got to be winning the WWA/PCM Trick of the Year at the National Wakesurf Championships at BSR in Waco, TX
A Little Bit About Dave: I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico skimboarding. I actually used to ride a Zap skimboard back then before wakesurfing was a thing. For those of you who don’t know, Zap and Phase 5 are made in the same factory!

Name: Vanessa Martinez
Location: Tampa, FL
Years Riding:
P5 Board of Choice: Ahi & Key 
Favorite Trick: 720 flat water spin
Instagram: @vanessasurfs 
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: Taking home 1st place at Nationals 2 years in a row
A Little Bit About Vanessa: "I’m a mom of 2 kids who also love watersports. Prior to wakesurfing, I ocean surfed and skimboarded a lot!"

Name: Conrad Crichlow
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Years Riding: 7
P5 Board of Choice: Hammerhead 
Favorite Trick: Bigspin
Instagram: @conrad_crichlow
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: Being sponsored by Phase 5!
A Little Bit About Conrad: "I love any watersport. From wing foiling to sailing to wakesurfing to skimboarding, I love them all! I also play basketball and snowboard in the winter."

Full Name: Collins Neal aka "Potato Chip Collins"
Location: Flower Mound, TX
Years Riding: 1 year
P5 Board of Choice: Phantom (40” custom) 
Favorite Trick: “The Potato Dangler”
Instagram: @potatochipcollins 
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: Becoming part of the P5 team and landing my first jet ski tow in
A Little Bit about Collins: "I love driving the boat and pulling my mom and dad surfing. I also like to wakeboard behind the boat as well as the cable. When I’m not on the water, I’m riding my mountain bike. I also love to travel and I try to surf year round, even when the water and air temps are in the 40’s!"

Name: Skeeter Rose
Years Riding:5
P5 Board of Choice: Matrix
Favorite Trick: 540 shuv or 540 bigspin
Instagram: @skeeter.rose
Biggest Accomplishment In Wakesurfing: Winning Masters and 3rd place at World’s in my division
A Little Bit About Skeeter: I was born living on a lake. I love watersports but when it’s too cold, I play hockey all winter long.

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