Nova Foil Assembly Instructions

We receive a lot of questions on the assembly of the Phase 5 Nova foil package and this video goes step by step with Nick Parros on how to assemble your new foil package. 

About the Nova Foil Package:

The Phase Five Nova Surf Foil Package comes with a 760 Front Wing with neoprene covers. The 760 Wing increases overall lift and stability compared to its predecessor. In addition, the 760 Front Wing delivers even more side-to-side stability which is essential to making the sport accessible to first time foilers. If you are learning for the first time, we highly recommend picking up a short 18" mast to start out. The short mast will cut the learning curve down in half and get the rider flying above the water in no time. Once the rider can hover on the short mast steadily, its time to progress to the 28" mast that comes with the Nova foil package for the full experience.

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