Rider Profile: Sean Silveira Overall PWT Champ

We recently caught up with team rider Sean Silveira to see what his summer was like and what his winter plans are. Here is what Sean had to say:

P5: So first things first, we heard you are Rona positive. How bad was it and how are you feeling?

SS: To be completely honest- not that bad at all, just a sinus infection. I feel way, way better. I have been in quarantine for about 14 days.

P5: Sticking with the Covid topic, 2020 competition season looked a lot different. Tell us how it was navigating this season with virtual events and some live events?

SS: Navigating through the season was pretty easy since there wasn't as much going on. The extra time allowed me to do more filming projects and new nods. I feel like that's where I hit my stride. As far as virtual and live events go, the virtual was extremely stressful, although a little awkward since many of us were transitioning back into it. 


Photo By: Jeff Mathis IG @jeffshotthat

P5: What does a day in the life of Sean look like?

SS: My days look like this:
1. Wake up
2. Check email and Social Media accounts
3. Make breakfast
4. Hit the water
5. Film
6. Dinner, rinse, repeat 

    P5: What are the big plans for the winter?

    SS: My big plans for the winter include getting my new house in order, snowboarding in Utah, and filming some new tricks.

    Photo From: Seans IG @seansilveira

    P5: What are your thoughts on the young talent in wakesurfing? How are you preparing for the 2021 season?

    SS: My thoughts are that the young talent coming up is extremely skilled and hungry for wins. I'm preparing by keeping up with practice and focusing on what works best for me.

    P5: You finished as the Overall PWT Champ recently. How many PWT Tour Champs is that now? Tell us about the PWT events and what you like about them.

    SS: Yes- I won overall—3rd in a row this year. The PWT event really caters to the rider, which I like most about the events. I actually feel like a professional. 

    Photo From: Seans IG @seansilveira

    P5: Someone ask for 3 of your favorite details about your board, The Phase 5 Key. What is your answer?

    SS: My 3 favorite details of my board are:

    1. The Colorway
    2. The twin-tip shape–reminds me of a snowboard
    3. That I can ride it smaller size than normal.

    Photo By: Jeff Mathis IG @jeffshotthat

    P5: Anything else you want to add?

    SS: I want to say thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support. Thank you Tarzan for coaching me up over the last 3 years. Thank you parents and friends for making this all possible! Love you all!

    Photo By: Jeff Mathis IG @jeffshotthat

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