Season Recap: Jett Lambert

2023 was nothing short of a breakout year for young phenom Jett Lambert. Landing on the podium at every contest he entered and taking first place at the majority of them, Jett was on an absolute tear all season long. Not only did his contest results reflect his insane talent, but he also took the time to keep his social media presence up while also signing big sponsorship deals along the way! We’re stoked for you Jett and can’t wait to see what you do for the 2024 season! We caught up with Jett to see how he felt about this past year. Check it out below!

PHASE 5: Hey Jett, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Congrats on an awesome 2023 season! How do you feel about it?!
Jett:Honestly, I have to sit and really think of the full season. It’s such a busy time training, back to back contests, and traveling that sometimes it all runs together. My 2023 season was one for the books!I accomplished a lot, and learned a lot at the same time and that’s what it is all about for me. Podiums are awesome, but it’s what gets me there that I’m most proud of. It’s all about the journey!

PHASE 5: Of all the contests you attended and won, which one stands out the most to you?
Jett:PWT Stop #3 in my hometown, no doubt . Having Sean come in as the Wild Card and knowing that the overall championship was on the line is definitely one I won’t forget. My goal was one more guitar, and I got it! I would have loved two, but he got me that day!

PHASE 5: Are you the youngest PWT Overall Champion?
Jett:Yes I am!  It’s crazy sometimes even I forget how much younger I am than the others. 

PHASE 5: Was traveling to Europe for the WWA European Wakesurf Championships your farthest trip yet? How was that whole experience?
Jett:City Swell in Ukraine my junior year is definitely my farthest trip I’ve done so far. But London for the WWA European Wakesurf Championship was sick! Having my teammates like Markus, Flo and Reed there made it such a fun trip! We are all such big supporters of each other, so anytime we get to be in the same place, it makes it that much more memorable.

PHASE 5: What are some of the other cool places you go to travel to this season?
Jett:The majority of the season was in the states. The Centurion WSWS Worlds was in Utah this year and it was wild! There was snow on the mountains for our semi finals runs so it was cold! Then finals day came and it was sunny and perfect. That was pretty wild.

PHASE 5: What are your plans for the 2024 season?
Jett:Truthfully, to keep being me. I’ll keep training and keep surrounding myself with people who push me to be who I am, if that makes sense. I am so lucky to be able to ride with the best. It really pushes me to be my best. 

PHASE 5: Does Sean have a pretty tough training schedule for you this off-season?
Jett:Our off season is FUN!  We ride, no pressure, no expectations! Just keeping our feet wet.  

PHASE 5: What are some of the tricks you’re working on for the upcoming season?
Jett: Definitely making my 7 shuvs CONSISTENT! 

PHASE 5: You’ve signed some pretty solid sponsorship deals this past year. Are there any other good ones on the horizon for you? Or is that something you’re keeping hush hush?
Jett:My sponsors are everything! I am so grateful for all of them. I have a new one announcing in January that I’m pretty stoked on and another one I want! 

PHASE 5: Thanks for hanging out and talking with us, Jett! Is there anything else you’d like to say? Anyone you’d like to thank? 
Jett:Honestly, just THANK YOU to everyone who follows my journey and supports what I love! Thank you to my sponsors, I know they are tagged in my posts, on my clothes, my board, everywhere. But a personal thank you to all of them. Their support means SO much and I am very grateful. Thank you to the absolute best family and friends supporting me. Thank You to Galo (the best boat driver on the water, and friend off) and last but not least the G.O.A.T., Sean (SLIV) Silveira! You have taught me from the beginning that if it’s not fun then everything will change. So we keep it fun! And watch out because 2024 is gonna be a fun one!


  • World Series of Wakesurfing
  • Wild West Shootout - 1st 
  • Southern Classic - 1st 
  • Appalachian Open - 1st 
  • Worlds - 1st
  • World Wake Association - WWA
  • European Wakesurf Championships (Pro Skim - 1st, Pro Surf - 2nd)
  • 2nd Place Overall Skim
  • Nationals
  • Pro Skim - 1st
  • Pro Surf - 4th
  • Masters
  • Pro Skim - 1st
  • Pro Surf - 4th
  • Pro Wakeboard Tour
  • PWT #1 - 1st
  • PWT #2 - 3rd
  • PWT #3 - 2nd
  • 2023 Overall Tour Champion


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