The 2023 Avenger

The 2023 Avenger is our beginner-friendly, pro-caliber skim style board that won’t break the bank. Built off of our popular Matrix outline, the Avenger is a toned down version but don’t let that fool you, you can throw down on the Avenger. A common board found in our team’s quivers, the Avenger is a solid go-to when you want that free skim feel but with a little more weight. This helps on those days where the wind is blowing a bit more than you’d like but you still need to get a shred in. The Avenger also has a full top-deck EVA traction pad which helps you keep your grip no matter where you land on the board. We caught up with one of our Minnesota based riders, Afton Bank, who always keeps the Avenger close by. Check out what he had to say about it below then pick one up here!

P5: What do you dig about the Avenger?
Afton:There's so many things I really like about the Avenger but probably my 2 favorite features are the shape of it and the full deck traction pad. I find the shape super nice because my home board is a matrix so when it's super windy in Minnesota, I just switch to the avenger so my board doesn't blow away when I throw a trick.

P5: How does it compare to the higher-end skim style boards like the Matrix?
Afton: I think it compares really well. They both definitely have attributes that I like about each. I like the feeling of a heavier board like the Avenger but it also makes it more difficult to throw bigger tricks since the added weight makes it harder to spin the board quite as quickly. And that's where I appreciate the Matrix. It’s  lighter and faster so it makes it easier to throw big tricks and get out of sticky situations where you commonly might fall.

P5: How beginner friendly is the Avenger? 
Afton: It's super beginner friendly. Getting on this board can take you all the way from beginner to advanced level tricks in no time. I learned my first shuv on the Avenger and I'm still here using it today.

P5: You’re definitely not a “beginner”. Does the Avenger keep up with your progression or do you feel like it holds you back?
Afton: Absolutely! It's actually a board I ride a lot on the windy Minnesota days so having an Avenger in my quiver is really nice and helpful.

P5: What advice can you give to an up-and-coming grom about the Avenger who thinks they need the most expensive board to progress?Afton: Phase Five makes the best and highest quality boards out there, so you don't need to buy the advanced level board right away. Start with a less expensive board like the Avenger and once you think you’re ready, then you can move up to a pro level board like a Matrix, Key, MVP etc...


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