The 2023 Diamond Turbo

Drew Danielo is one of those riders who has definitely “been there, done that”. So when he came to us with some redesign ideas for his Diamond Turbo, you can bet we listened. Speed and pop were the two main things he wanted to amplify so we did just that! With the newly widened tail to make for a boxy design, it allows you to go bigger and keep your speed better than ever. Add in our unique Carbon Innegra Vertical (CI-V) weave material to boost the durability and responsiveness and you get one of our most tech boards that’s just waiting to be shredded. The Diamond Turbo also comes with three fins so you can really dial in the stability of your ride. We chatted with the man behind the board, Drew Danielo, about what he’s stoked about on this year’s Diamond Turbo. Check it out below and then pick one up HERE!

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite features of the Diamond Turbo?
Drew: One of my favorite features of the Diamond is the wide tail shape. This keeps the board riding high in the water and helps maintain all your speed. It also creates a lot of pop off the lip for airs, shuvs, and any other tricks you’re looking to take above the lip.

PHASE 5: How does it compare to the Diamond CL?
Drew: The Diamond Turbo has a slightly updated tail that is a little pushed out and wide. It is also made with premium materials like the P5 Carbon Innegra for extra responsiveness and durability.

PHASE 5: What about your Hammerhead pro model?
Drew: These are two pretty different animals. The Hammerhead really shines with the revert riding and being able to ride a smaller size. The Diamond Turbo is crazy fast when riding regular and it rides well revert but not like the Hammerhead. The Diamond Turbo has a “skatey” feel to it. It is very responsive and has so much pop off the wave too. When I ride my 51” Diamond Turbo, it feels like it is 4”smaller than my 50” Hammerhead. It’s crazy. The 3 fin set up on the Diamond makes it a great high level option for any level rider. You can have as much or as little stability as you need!

PHASE 5:What are some of the new design features for this year's Diamond Turbo Pro?
Drew: There weren’t any real big changes with the Diamond Turbo this year. I have tried a few different small changes to the board but nothing that has improved the way it rides and performs. So I guess as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

PHASE 5: If you had to sum up this board in one sentence, what would it be?
Drew: A high-end professional board that is ready for riders of all levels to enjoy.

PHASE 5: What kind of rider would you recommend for the Diamond Turbo?
Drew:  The Diamond Turbo with the 3 fin set up is really a board that a top professional can ride and handle all they can do on it, and a first time rider can learn how to surf and really enjoy it.


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