The 2023 Kong

The Kong is built for nothing but fun. It’s the kind of board that you can bring out, anyone can jump on, and just have a good time. It has plenty of volume and length so getting up on it is a breeze but rather than just being a boring, cruiser board, the Kong is designed with a rounded pintail so you can still rip some turns on it. Not to mention, it has a speedy rocker that allows you to stay in the wave with little to no effort. Just like our other boards, the Kong was glassed using our high end FLEXtec v2 system so you know it’s responsive and built to last. And with its four FCS Fusion fin boxes, you can dial in the right fin set up easily. We chatted with our team manager / all-around shredder Drew Danielo to get the scoop on why the Kong is so fun. Check it out below thenpick one up HERE!

PHASE 5: So Drew, we can normally find you out on your Hammerhead or Diamond pro models…what’s special about the Kong and why should the people out there take it for a ride?
Drew: Everyone has their favorite board that they love to ride. But it is also super fun to get on a board that is totally different. The Kong is a blast. Growing up, I surfed a short board at the beach and also rode a longboard a lot. The feeling of cruising on the Kong with minimal effort for speed and cross stepping and nose riding is super fun.

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite things about the Kong?
Drew: The way the Kong just cruises with no effort is one of my favorites. The board rolls from rail to rail like a real longboard surfboard so to go out and just carve around and flow on the wave is a blast.

PHASE 5: With its high volume and big surface area, what kind of riders would you suggest the Kong to?
Drew: The Kong is suitable for any level rider. I would say if you are under around 75 lbs and not a comfortable surfer, it wouldn’t be the best choice. It is a lot of board to slow down if you do not have the weight to do it. But other than that, I think everyone should ride it!

PHASE 5: The Kong obviously isn’t a super technical board like what you’re used to riding. What kind of tricks do you do on it to keep the stoke high?
Drew: Right! Not a super technical board but it is still fun to whip it around for a 360 here and there. Stalling out and then walking up on the noise to cruise back into the wave is super fun, floaters and really long drawn out carves are also a blast on this board.

PHASE 5: Is the Kong a good board for new riders to learn on?
Drew:  Yes, as long as you have the weight to slow it down. Like I said, I would not put a 60 lb kid on it as thier first board ever. It is really good for adults and new riders that are at least 125 lbs.

PHASE 5: Do you consider the Kong to be the “little brother” of the Zilla? What are some of the major differences between the two?
Drew: The Kong has a much wider tail so no matter where you are on the board, it is going to be cruising down the line. The Zilla is super fun because if you get on the tail you can really do some fun drop knee style stalls and then walk back up to the nose to regain your speed. Both are super fun boards but they kind of each have their own unique feel to them.


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