The 2023 Model X

Are you ready to get into the skim style of riding but don’t know where to begin? Well, lucky for you, the Model X is a solid choice for those looking to start riding a skim-style board. It’s easy to ride thanks to its gradual rocker line, wide/full outline, and unique single wing swallow tail for added stability. All of this combined not only makes the board stable but fast so you can stay in the wave with less effort and easy to maneuver so you can work on your trick game. It’s now built with our strong Black Carbon material so it’s light yet durable and comes loaded with a 3 fin set up made up of 2” skim fins so you can personalize your ride to your heart’s content!

The Model X is a very cruisy shape so you can hang in the pocket as you get comfortable but has enough speed and edge control that you can take your carves progressively up the lip until you're throwing buckets! The PROPEL™ Bottomsheet also helps keep you in the wave easier as you’re stomping your first shuv-it variations. It comes in two sizes, 53” and 57”, so it can accommodate a wide array of riders and the added surface area makes popping up on it an absolute breeze. So if you’re ready to move into the skim side of things, check out the Model X HERE.


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