The 2023 MVP

The 2023 MVP, designed and ridden by John Akerman, is one of the most feature-rich boards that Phase 5 has to offer. John is one of those all-around watermen who could jump on literally any board and shred it harder than most so when we gave him the opportunity to create the MVP, he did not hold back. Drawing inspiration from his pro model Zap skimboard, the Whip, the MVP is just as unique as John’s riding. One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at the MVP is its all-over Techno Traction v2 EVA grip pad as well as kick pads on the tail and nose. This gives you the ultimate in board control and feel so you know that no matter where you land on the board, you’ll always have the grip you need. The kick pad on the nose also helps for extra control when riding revert. 

Another awesome feature of the MVP is its exclusive RidgeGrip rail design. Not only does this design stiffen the board for more explosive pop off the lip, it gives a more pronounced area for grabs on the rail of the board. Along with all that, the unique moon-tail shape of the board is busy generating all the speed and control you could ever need so you can really boost off of the wave. This board was designed for the aggressive rider who doesn’t hold back and is always ready to take it to the next level. We chatted with John about some of these design choices and what his thoughts were behind them so check it out below and pick up your very own MVP here

P5: What are some of the changes from the 2022 model to the 2023 model?
John:Good question! The only thing I changed were the graphics. I wanted to keep the shape the same as last year because I’ve been progressing on this board so much and I wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to pick one up.

P5: What are some of your favorite features of the MVP?
John:My favorite features of my MVP are the full deck pad for maximum traction, the RidgeGrip rail design for extra float and grip, the Moon Tail for added speed,stability,and pop, and the blue color scheme is my favorite so far!

P5: Other than the awesome look, what kind of benefits do you get from the moon-tail design?
John:The benefits of the Moon tail design are increased speed, stability while finless, and extra pop due to the tips digging further in the wave.

P5: This board is the only one in the line-up with the kick tail on the nose. How did that idea come about?
John:The kick tail on the nose was an idea I came up with that gave your foot a non-slip edge while riding revert and switch. I wanted my board to perform the best it could in both directions while adding more pop during maneuvers.

P5: Just like the kick tail, the MVP is the only board with the RidgeGrip rail design. How does that help with your tricks?
John:The RidgeGrip rails help my tricks to be landed more consistently due to softer landings. It also floats and planes longer while riding far back on the wave or pumping to stay in the sweet spot.

P5: Did your ocean skimboarding influence the design of the MVP?
John:Yes, my ocean skimming definitely influenced the design of my MVP because I needed a shape that “surfed” the wave well and was fast. I like boards with a higher rocker for landing tricks close to the boat and can flow well with the wave.

P5: What kind of rider would you suggest the MVP to?
John:I would suggest the MVP Skimboard to a rider that is progressing fast and looking to get more creative with their riding style. Riders that want more grip on the tail of the board and are interested in riding finless.


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