The 2023 Trident

The Trident is back for 2023 and this year, we have a brand new size of 60” that makes it even better for the bigger riders out there. With its long rail line and bat tail design that holds speed with no problem, this version of the Trident stays in the wave even easier so you can spend more time worrying about your tricks and less time pumping to catch up to the wave. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Wrapped with our extra durable Gatorskin glass for peace of mind that your board won’t get all dinged up and it comes with three 2” fins so you can really dial in your ride.

This board was created thanks to the riders who needed something a bit more. Sure, they could have gotten on the Kong or Zilla and just cruised but they wanted something in the premium skim family so the Trident was born. New this year is the 60” size that can accommodate even bigger riders who are trying to jump into the skim game. Rule the wave with the Trident and pick one up HERE!


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