The 2024 Zeevo

We’ve done a little retooling with the 2024 line this year and have designated our longer surf style boards as the “Fun Surf Line”. This includes some fan favorites like the Kong, Zilla v2, Biscuit, Kahuna, and brand new for 2024, the Zeevo! The Zeevo is a fresh take on the longboard with a brand new shape and some all new exclusive features. Built to cruise with less effort, the Zeevo has a new rocker pattern that keeps you in the wave with ease while also having a bit more of an upturned nose that makes recovering off the lip nice and simple. Its full EVA traction pad opens up the whole board for you to play on while its thruster fin set up can help you dial in just as much stability as you need. With two sizes of the Zeevo (64” and 70”), there’s an option for you to shred this new fun shape! Check out what the VP of Board Development, Zach Smetts, had to say about THE ZEEVO below!

PHASE 5: Where did the idea for the Zeevo come from?
Zach:We wanted to create a larger board for a more laid back and longboardish style of riding. So we developed a few and one of them turned into the Zeevo. The Zeevo features a rounded tail for maneuverability, parallel midsection rails for down the line speed and stability, with a nose suited acceleration and forward nose style riding.

PHASE 5: How does the new rocker line react on the water?
Zach:The new rocker has the perfect amount of flip in the nose to keep the nose up above water and a single hull concave for just the right blend of rail to rail carving and down the line speed.

PHASE 5: How does it compare to the similar boards in the “Fun Surf Line”: the Kong and Zilla v2?
Zach:The Zeevo is the only thruster fin setup in the Fun Surf Line. It lies right in the middle of the road in terms of drive and maneuverability. The Zilla V2 being a single fin offers the most drive while the quad setup Kong pivots the quickest. The Zeevo also has the most parallel rails out of the three. This offers down the line speed and more stability than the rest. The squared off Phantom style nose accelerates quickly with forward pressure. The rounded tail maneuvers well top to bottom of the wave. It’s a super fun and unique ride that every rider should tryout!

PHASE 5: What is the benefit of the turned up nose on the Zeevo?
Zach:The turned up nose helps to keep the nose from going under the water, especially during bottom turns and coming back down from above the lip riding.

PHASE 5: What kind of rider would you suggest to try the Zeevo?
Zach:The Zeevo is for both the larger riders who need that extra edge to rip as well as smaller riders looking to explore a different style of surfing behind the boat. Longer carves, more room for adjusting the feet around towards the nose and tail, all that fun stuff! It's a whole world to explore, try it for yourself!


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