The Big Kahuna

The ultimate party wave machine, the big Kahuna is here and ready to put a smile on your face this season! A true ocean style soft top longboard, the Kahuna is a super fun board to add to your quiver. Whether you’re enjoying a nice soul session by yourself or you’ve got one, two, or even three of your closest friends on board with you, the Kahuna is sure to be the life of the party once it hits the water. Measuring in at 8 feet long, the Kahuna has plenty of space for you to get your creative juices flowing on. Whether you’re riding the tail and carving on it or tiptoeing to the nose to hang ten, the Kahuna provides the dance floor for you to bust out your best moves.

A favorite of the team during our photoshoots, they know when the Kahuna comes out, the fun is really about to begin. With enough surface area and push to drop all the way back on the wave, you’ll be blown away by how much real estate you can cover while riding the Kahuna. So what are you waiting for? Grab your buddies, grab your Kahuna, and catch the ultimate party wave!



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