The P5 Men's Springsuit

Everybody wishes they could get more days on the water and start their season sooner, so why not make it happen?! Stay warm during those chilly morning spring time sessions with the all new Phase 5 3/2 mm Wetsuit! Made with premium neoprene to provide as much flex as any rider could ask for while keeping you comfortable and toasty, this long sleeve, short leg style suit is perfect until those long, warm summer days come back.

We ditched the back zipper for a much more functional chest zip so you can get in and out of it easily and quickly. And if you’ve ever put on a wetsuit before, you know how big of a plus that is. The thickness along your extremities is 2mm which gives you tons of range of motion while still insulating and your torso is wrapped in 3mm of neoprene to keep your core nice and warm. So get out there earlier and start the year off right with a new wetsuit from Phase 5!


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