2024 Foil Collection

The 2024 Phase 5 Foil Collection ranges from beginner friendly to advanced riders that are looking to take their foiling to new heights, both figuratively and literally! All of our foils can be ridden with each board so you can pick the board and foil that is right with you. We know there is a lot going on with foil setups these days so we broke it down a bit for you below so you can make the best decision for your skill level. Check out the lineup below and if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us atinfo@phase5boards.com or DM us via Instagram!


The Nova Foil set-up is our most beginner friendly foil. With a wide wing base and a low aspect pitch for predictable lift and the 28” mast that gives you plenty of room to learn, the Nova foil is designed to make foiling fun even for the most inexperienced rider. The wide wing makes even the smallest wave rideable. If you’re looking to start your foil journey, the Nova foil is a great place to start. Pair it with any of the foil boards (Chip, Gizmo, or Gadget) for plenty of stability and add in our Phase 5 foot straps for even more confidence when learning. Grab yours HERE!

Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Key Features:

- 760 front wing for lift and stability
28” aluminum alloy mast
- Aluminum alloy fuselage with 2 front wing positions to dial in your ride
- Lightweight carbon front & rear wing finish
- Neoprene wing covers
- Compartmentalized carry case
- Can be used with any of the P5 foil boards – Gadget, Chip or Gizmo
- Phase 5 Nova Foil 1000 Front Wing (sold separately) – high aspect wing designed for maximum lift, stability, and glide


The Nova v2 is the next step in progression for the Phase 5 foil line up. Paired with the carbon fiber 866 front wing, this medium aspect wing gives you plenty of lift while also keeping things in control so you can focus on your riding. The same size 28” mast as our Nova set up, this newly designed mast and fuselage make setting up and breaking down your foil a breeze. Grab yours HERE!

“The Nova v2 foil is great for the rider really looking to build their skills and take their foiling to the next level.” – John Akerman

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Key Features:

- 866 carbon front wing is durable, lightweight, gives plenty of lift/stability, and is a great wing for learning hard carves on
- 400 tail wing is angled down a bit from last year which gives you more stability on the water
- 28” aluminum alloy mast
- Adjustable base plate
- Redesigned for easy building and break down
- Can be used with any of the P5 foil boards – Gadget, Chip or Gizmo

SUPERNOVA FOIL (powered by GoFoil)

The Super Nova foil is our ultimate high performance, lightweight package that an experienced foiler can jump on straight out the box and start pumping and cutting some hard turns. It’s even great for some airs! We partnered with GoFoil for this setup to make a foiler’s dream ride into reality. With the plate, mast and fuselage all being one piece, the overall setup is stronger, stiffer, and more responsive under your feet. Putting the foil together and apart is super simple as well with the front and back wings only needing one screw to attach to the fuselage. How much simpler could it get? John Akerman’s foil of choice, the Super Nova is built for anything you can throw at it. Its 1250 front wing is our most high aspect wing that’s made to pump for days and cut hard on the waves. It even has the “wingsteps” that help you recover easily if the wing were to come out of the water while turning. If you’re ready to truly step up your foil game, check out the Super Nova today. Grab yours HERE!

“This is definitely my favorite foil in the line up. I can pump forever on it, airs are super fun, and I can carve as hard as I want knowing that the wingsteps will help me out if I overdo it. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!” – John Akerman

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Key Features:

- New GoFoil v2 mast which places the wing farther forward for more pumping range, glide, lift and speed
- Solid Carbon mast
- GT1250 wing made for pumping, airs and hard carves
- “Wingsteps” to help you recover when you over-foil
- 31.5” Full Carbon Mast for more height off the water and less weight



Our most responsive and maneuverable board, the Phase 5 Chip is a shorter board at 50” which eliminates some swing weight that you would feel with bigger boards. This board can be set up with any of our foils for maximum fun. It comes equipped with our Phase 5 foot straps whether you’re learning and you don’t want the board getting away from you or you’re trying your first airs, the foot straps will help out either way! If you prefer a more natural feel, take them off and rip just like you would on a surfboard. The track mounting system allows you to place the foil right where you want it so you get the best feel from your ride. Grab yours HERE!

“I love the Chip. I can turn it easily and the shorter board and decreased weight makes boosting airs so much fun!” – Chris Furey

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Key Features:

- Plenty of volume for buoyancy when the board is in the water as well as solid rebound for when the board hits the water while riding
- Full deck board pad for ultimate board control
- Glassed with our high end FLEXtec V2 system for the ultimate in strength and durability
- 10.75” long reinforced track mounting system to dial in your ride



Our OG foil board, the Gizmo is light, stiff and has plenty of volume for float. Longer than the Chip at 54”, the added length helps to recover if you have a foil breach. Who doesn’t love that?! The Phase 5 foot straps can be installed on the Gizmo (as well as the other two foil boards) which are great for people learning, airs, or if you want that locked in feeling while foiling. Grab yours HERE!

“The Gizmo is such a great choice for beginners to advanced foilers. I like a little bit more board so I can have increased pumping power and the Gizmo delivers.” – Parker Payne

Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Key Features:

- Extra wide wounded nose to help recover from foil breaches
- Full deck board pad for ultimate board control
- Glassed with our high end FLEXtec V2 system for the ultimate in strength and durability
- 10.75” long reinforced track mounting system to dial in your ride



The Gadget is our lightest weight foil board. Rather than the traditional surfboard construction, the Gadget opts for a thin skim style board construction to reduce weight as well as less volume so you can situate the board easier before starting your run. It gives you a wide platform to ride on while the improved angled front foot strap gives a more natural and comfortable feel when riding with the straps. John Akerman’s foil board of choice, the Gadget is built for airs and all around shredding! Built with our high end skimboard construction, the Gadget incorporates our Carbon Innegra weave and epoxy resin for unmatched durability and strength. The Gadget definitely won’t let you down! Grab yours HERE!

“The Gadget is all I ride behind the boat. I love the lightweight skim style aspect and the angled foot straps keep me locked in comfortably so I can boost as much as I want!” – John Akerman

Rider Level: Advanced

Key Features:

- Carbon Innegra weave and epoxy resin for strength and durability
- Full deck board pad for ultimate board control
- Squash tail provides extra stability and control
- 10.75” long reinforced track mounting system to dial in your ride


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