2024 Ladies Boards

THE MINDSET by Ashley Inloes

Ashley Inloes’ pro model, the Mindset, has taken the wakesurfing community by storm! Once it hit the scene, we started getting flooded with messages and comments full of stoke for this board. It made us wonder why we didn’t do it sooner…but hindsight is 20/20 and now the Mindset is here to stay! When we first approached Ashley about designing her own board, the first thing she thought of were the female riders. She wanted a board that they could easily handle because in her past experiences, boards were always just a bit too big and hard to control. So she took the Mindset and cut it down to accommodate girls, women, and groms alike. This brand new shape for 2024 checks all the boxes in what riders are looking for. Find out for yourself and pick one up HERE! 

Sizes: 43”, 46”, 49”





THE SWELL by Stacia Bank

Stacia Bank’s pro model board, the Swell, has been a popular board in our line for years now and for good reason: it rides well and you can learn on it easily! It comes equipped with a lean outline, pulled in nose to avoid nose diving, and a super poppy tail for blasting big airs. The Swell takes advantage of our most high-end glass layup with the Flitelite V2 Pro Select layup so you can rest assured that you’re getting the lightest, strongest, and most durable board on the market. The Swell also comes configured with a quad FCS Fusion fin set up so you can dial in your ride and make it as grippy or as loose as you want! Check it out now and pick one up HERE!

Sizes: 53”, 55”, 58”




Based off of Drew Danielo’s ever-popular pro model board, the Diamond CL, the Diamond Luv features everything that made the CL version great, in a smaller package. This board is made for the ladies who are out there grinding and looking to take their riding to the next level. Made from the best materials for a lightweight and strong ride, the Diamond Luv incorporates the diamond tail that it’s named for to help maintain speed and generate tons of pops on your airs and tech tricks. Its Carbon Innegra Vertical (CI-V) weave not only looks great but provides plenty of strength throughout the board. It comes equipped with a single 1” skim fin for a little grip but once you’re ready, pop it off and have fun! Check it out HERE!

Sizes: 48”, 51”



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