2024 Phase 5 Super Nova Foil


The Super Nova Foil set up, powered by GoFoil, is the ultimate high performance, lightweight foil package for experienced riders but is friendly enough for beginners to learn on. We worked with GoFoil to create this setup that is a pumping machine and tons of fun. Putting your setup together is now easier than ever with the plate, mast, and fuselage all being on piece. This gives you increased stiffness for responsiveness, superior strength, and no weak points around the points of connection. It’s also made of 100% epoxy infused carbon so it’s one of the lightest setups out there! Check out the video above as John Akerman breaks down some of the key features of the Super Nova and tells you why it’s his favorite way to foil! And if you're ready to step up your foil game, pick one up HERE!

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