July Phase Five Team + Contest Season Update

Words: Drew Danielo

Wow what a weekend for the Phase 5 team. 

I was hanging out on Lake Minnetonka for the Minnesota Wakesurf Championships with Shane Blanton and Jodi Grassman. This is a special event for us as we get to also hangout with our Wake for Warriors family. After 4 hours of flight delays on Thursday, we spent Friday on the W4W and MN Marine Max's Nautique G23's watching every one shred. Alot of the guys have all just started wake surfing in the last year. And to see where they are now is unreal. Doug (aka Double Amped) was trying wake transfers with no ropes and very closet riding out of it. Stefan (aka runsonstixx) was throwing countless 360's while seated on the board and almost landed a shut it. Carter was charging down the line like he was surfing his favorite beach break and Chance and Tim were carving on the cage boards like they have been doing it for years. 

Saturday was an early start for a full day of riding. Anyone who has been to the MNWSC knows that water conditions are not the highlight. The little guys were first off the docks and probably the only ones with good water.  By the time pro's were riding there 35' cruiser, cruising around and throwing some crazy rollers. But even with the bad conditions people come back year after year to this event for the atmosphere and fun that is created. The jumbo tron on shore keeps you tuned in to the riding.  There is live music, tons and tons of vendors, A parking lot full of food trucks and about 1000 people on the shore. A big thank you to Andy Wiegman for making this event happen year after year and we can not wait for next year! For more info on Wake for warriors or to make a donation click here.

Stefan cruising  


Doug sliding around.

Carter getting down the line.

Lexi likes Diamonds!!

Phase 5's on display

Womens Am Podium: Phase 5 Sweep

Womens Pro: Allison Rain took home 2nd place.


Mens Pro: Drew Danielo and Shane Blanton bring home a 1st and 3rd. 

Adaptive Division: Stefan takes home 1st, Carter surfs into 2nd and Noah wins 3rd. 


While we were in Minnesota having a blast we had the Phase 5 team standing on podiums all over the place. 

Up In Canada at the Koocanoosa event we had Sean Silveira and Markus Lahmer holding down spots in both Pro Surf and Pro Skim. 

Pro Skim: 1st Sean Silveira, 3rd Markus Lahmer

Pro Surf: 2nd Markus, 3rd Sean

Womens Pro Skim: Lara Latham brings home a solid 3rd place

Womens Outlaw Surf: 1st Place Bailey Rush (Bailey also placed 3rd in outlaw skim)

Mens Amatuer: Ryder Duczek 3rd Place



Juniors: Dagan Duczek 3rd Place


Meanwhile down in Texas Parker Payne was taking care of business at the 2018 Wake The Desert event.

Pro Men Skim: Parker Payne 2nd place

Pro Men Surf: Parker Payne 1st place

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