Big Kahuna & The Biscuit: All About the P5 Soft Tops

Brand new for 2021 is da big Kahuna! We are stoked to introduce a true longboard style board into the lineup this year. The Kahuna embodies a true ocean style longboard ready to rip behind the boat. Features a smooth flat bottom for ultimate planing, a wide squash tail for stability, and a full smooth EVA traction deck to have traction wherever you may step on this beast. The Kahuna comes with a trip-fin setup that features a classic longboard center fin and FCS fins on the outside. Don’t be afraid to put your toes to the noes or grab a friend or two to do some laps around the lake on the Kahuna!

Returning to the lineup this year is your all around good fun, entry level surf board is the Biscuit. The outline of the Biscuit allows the board to be a wave hog as you will be struggling to keep this beast off the wave. It also is a very forgiving and friendly board with a full EVA grip on the deck of the board and soft rails that won’t catch you when you fall. It comes with a twin fin set up to keep it nice and loose when your ready to get radical on it!

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