Catching Up with Ashley Inloes

Ashley Inloes is known not only for her smooth style on the water but also for her super-happy infectious personality. Whether she’s out on the boat or not, she keeps the vibes fun and the stoke level high! She’s been a part of the Phase 5 team for four years now and each year she progresses while maintaining a crazy travel schedule. We’re always stoked to see what Ashley is up to so we hit her up to see what was on her plate for this season! Check it out below:  

Phase 5: Hey Ashley! How have things been for you this off-season?

Ashley: I’ve beenreally good! I’ve been staying super busy traveling to beautiful places to go ocean surfing, planning for the upcoming year, and of course wakesurfing every chance I get! It’s been really fun but I’m stoked to get the season started!

Phase 5: We see that you just started up your own Youtube channel. How’s that going and what made you decide to do that?

Ashley:It’s going amazing! There are actually a couple reasons I wanted to start a YouTube channel. The first one being that I’m able to share way more of my life than I would on the short-formative space that Instagram Reels gives you. I feel like Instagram can keep our lives very one dimensional and I want to show the different sides of me rather than just being another pro wake surfer. The second reason is I wanted to give back more to the community and create “How To” videos that I wish I had when I was first learning. There is so much information that I’ve learned over the years. With having that, I think the most important thing I could do is to help others reach their goals in wakesurfing and share my stoke for the sport!

Phase 5: A vlog is definitely a full-time job! Who do you have helping with the filming and all that good stuff?

Ashley: It’s definitely a lot of work! One of my old friends who I just recently reconnected with is definitely the backbone for my YouTube! His name is Curtis (@yourfriendcurtis) and he’s helped a ton! I still do the majority of the work though because I think it’s important to learn every role in your “business.” Especially while I have time during the off-season! And I actually really enjoy the planning, filming, and editing portion of Youtube!

Phase 5: Your first episode was a road trip through Utah. Where else is on your hit-list for this year?

Ashley:I have sooooo many places I want to travel to but for this summer we are going to hidden waterways throughout Florida, Costa Rica, and hopefully Puerto Rico!

Phase 5: What are your plans for the upcoming season?

Ashley:To have as much fun as possible! I tend to put a lot on my plate with competitions, traveling for sponsors, training, photoshoots, and social media, but I love every part of my job and wouldn’t give up any of it! So my plan for the upcoming season is to enjoy life and make the most out of all the amazing opportunities I’ve been given!

Phase 5: Have you been working on any new tricks or just dialing in what’s already in your bag for the contests? 

Ashley:I’ve been working on getting a 540 shuv-it but other than that I’ve just been getting my harder tricks more consistent! A big thing that I’ve been working on is linking my tricks up faster so that I can fit more into my competition runs.

Phase 5: What does your ideal day look like?

Ashley:My ideal day would for sure be waking up super early and going ocean surfing, eating an açaí bowl and coming back to Orlando, going on the boat, laying in the sun and getting a good surf set in, then going to a good dinner and hanging out with some friends!

Phase 5: What is your favorite Phase 5 board? What do you like about it?

Ashley:My favorite Phase 5 board is the Key! Whitley Stewart convinced me to ride it before I was on the team and I absolutely fell in love with it! The first thing I said was it felt like I was cheating! I fell in love with how much I can control it. For the first time it felt like I was controlling the board rather than the board controlling me.

Phase 5: Who is your usual crew that you like to ride with?

Ashley:I normally ride with Bailey Dunn, Donny Searle, or Robert McClelland!

Phase 5: Thanks for chatting with us, Ashley! We’re stoked to see what you get into this season. Is there anything else you want to tell us before we go?

Ashley:Yes! I want to say how stoked I am to be a part of the Phase 5 team. It’s been almost four years since I joined and I’ve loved every second of it. Everyone on the team really feels like family and they truly make the best boards in the industry. Love y’all!!

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