Checking in with Markus Lahmer

For this week's rider check in we jump across the pond to catch up with Markus Lahmer in his home country of Austria. Markus has been apart of the P5 family for years. His riding has blown up and he is always one of the happiest people at any event you see him at. Let's see what is new with Markus:

P5: 2020 Was a crazy one for sure. How was your last season and year?

ML: I had a pretty different season, usually I travelled to over 10 different International competitions per season, I definitely missed that last year. On the other side riding at home was fun, I became a Dad last February so I spent the summer on the boat with my family and friends doing Online Comp runs… quite a game changer tbh. They are fun, but I am definitely ready to get back to live events.

P5: Have you guys been hit hard buy the Covid 19 situation?

ML: Austria has been hit like the rest I guess, we had three lockdowns and are currently sitting in the 4th and hopefully last one. Austrians are definitely ready for a free summer ;)

P5: For all of us that aren't familiar with the scene there, what is the wakesurfing scene in Austria like?

ML: It’s growing, we have 5-10 clubs mostly coming from a waterski or wakeboarding background. Like everywhere in the world you can see a big shift in interests and people want to try out wakesurfing. This year the Austrian Wake Surf Series has 4 stops that everyone is extremely excited about.

Our Ohana homebase in Vienna is getting a proper upgrade and we are excpecting lots of new surfers this year.

P5: Congrats on becoming a dad, I saw videos of you on the mountain snowboarding with your little guy. Tell us about that a little?

ML: Haha yeah that was fun. I took the little man to Kitzbühel and we hit the slopes. We only practiced once before when he was 10 months old. Then a week before his first birthday it was real mountain time. Not sure if it was more special for me or for him

P5: What does a day in the life of Markus look like?

ML: Get up, play with my son, go to work, after work surf with my fam and ohana crew then hang out at the ohana base.

I run a kitchen with over 100 employees, we are specialized in organic meals for kids aswell as event caterings in non covid times. In summer months, when schools are closed I try to get out in the morning before the office as often as I can. If that doesn’t work out the Ohana Vienna Crew usually meets up in the afternoon at our home base in the Marina and spends their time there.

P5: What Board are you currently riding? Someone ask for 3 of your favorite details about your board, what is your answer?

ML: To be honest I go back and forth between Key and Matrix. Both have their upsides but overall I feel like I land my tricks better on the matrix. Its allowing me to combo the tricks more fluidly. But a very tough choice over all. This year I switched from normal Matrix to the ltd, and its better than ever.

3 favourite details are easy: 1 best shape 2 best materials (never broke one or saw one break) 3 when you hold it in your hands, you know its special

P5: Awesome. Anything else exciting that you are working on?

ML: A project I am very excited about is about my buddy Flo. He is an old friend from school that had an accident and sits in a wheelchair since 12 years. 2 years ago we started to train for him to become a wakesurfer inspired by from Dave Deep and the Wake for Warriors crew. Last year he was able to become the first tetrapledic worldwide (that we have heard of) to ride a wave all by himself. Check out the youtube video (English subtitles available in a week from now) about the “Cagesurfer” and follow him on Instagram, but most importantly: grab a buddy in a wheelchair and take him out for some good times!

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