EuroTour Pt.2 with John Akerman

 The EuroTour rolls on with John Akerman making his way through Switzerland and Austria to meet up with P5 Europe's crew: Markus Lahmer, Flo Dungl aka CageSurfer, and more! After catching a few more waves at the Alaia Bay wave pool with Flo, the boys hit the lake where the good times can't be beat. Once they pack up, they cruise over to Vienna, Austria to check out Markus' stomping grounds. Enjoy! And if you haven't watched Part 1 yet, better get to it! Link below:

EuroTour Pt. 1

And if you're in Europe and looking for a Phase 5 board, check out Phase 5 Europe and Ohana Vienna!

Check out our other International dealers at the link below:

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