How To Wakesurf Series with Ashley Inloes

Finding quality "HOW TO" wakesurf videos is not as easy as you may think. Well Ashley Inloes is working on changing that. Ashley has become a staple name in the wakesurf world. She has recently started a "How To Series" on her Instagram.

Here is what Ashley had to say about her new series.  

P5: When did you start the How To series?

AI: In February !! 


P5:  So what inspired you to make the How To Video Series?

AI: One day I was thinking about all the things I wish I knew when I started surfing. I decided then that I wanted to create a place for the next generation to learn! I don’t want my instagram page to be full of tricks that seem impossible to achieve. I want it to be a place that kids can see how far they can go with wakesurfing, but also give them a road map to get there!!

P5:  That makes so much sense. And will be a great tool for up and coming riders or even seasoned riders that need some help. How do you determine what tricks to do videos on?

AI: I try to do them in somewhat of a chronological order. For example not posting a how to front big before posting a how to front shuv. But if I’m ever not sure what I should post next I do polls on my story so my followers can choose!!


P5:  How has the response been to your videos?

AI: It’s been so positive! People really appreciate the help and there is a huge demand for it!! They take a lot of time to create but once one person sends me a video of them landing a new trick, it makes every second worth it. 

P5:  Who is recording and editing your videos fro you?

AI: Donny Searle films all my how to videos but I edit them :)


P5: Anything else you want to add or shout outs for the videos?

AI: Never give up on trying new tricks!! Every trick I land took a countless amount of time falling.

We have posted the first three lesson below, but be sure to follow Ashley's IG to keep up with the latest tricks.  You can find Ashley's IG here





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