Rider Profile: Allison Hansen

Allison Hansen has been on the push for a couple years now. Spending countless hours behind her Heyday Boat shredding. She has a solid crew of riders always on the boat and the best rope fetcher I have ever seen! She stays super busy with work, riding, the gym and running her own clothing  and swimsuit line. You can keep up with Allison on Instagram at Allisonrain3.

P5: Happy New Year. How is life treating you?

AH: The new year has been great. Working hard and going hard in the gym. Waiting for some nicer weather and to fully recover from surgery I had in December to get back on my board!

P5: With Covid-19 a hot topic topic, What were your thoughts on the 2020 contest season?

AH: Given the circumstances I thought that the competition season went very well. The WWA and CWSA did a great job with events. I’m excited for things to get back to normal though.

P5: What does a day in the life of you look like right now?

AH: I usually get up at 4:30 am and go workout. Then I work from 7am to around 5pm and depending on the time of year and the day I either run errands or try to get out and get a set behind the boat. Weekends consists of Wakesurfing when the weather is good!

P5: How long have you been riding for Phase 5? What does it mean to you to ride for P5?

AH: I’ve been with phase 5 for about 4-5 years. I LOVE phase 5 boards and the community. It means a lot to ride for them given that they have the best boards in the industry and because they have supported me since before I even competed. 

P5: With you guys all being Pro riders for P5 what are your thoughts on the other riders on the team?  Also what are your thoughts onto young up and coming riders on the team?

AH: The phase 5 team is top notch. We have some of the best riders in the sport and it’s always fun to link up with fellow riders. The Phase 5 groms are killing it! 

P5: What board and size are you riding?  What was it about this board that helped you decide it was the one?

AH: I have ridden the phase 5 Matrix for the past 3 years. This board is my all time favorite . Perfect for an intermediate to advanced rider and good for all tricks! 

P5: What or who influences your riding and style?

AH: I love being on the water and being with close friends and family on the boat. It’s my time to relax and my favorite thing to do. My brother and I have taught each other everything we know and we have our own style.

P5: Favorite professional Athlete?

AH: My favorite pro athlete is Shaun White! He shreds! I loveeee snowboarding just as much as wakesurfing :)


Thank you to all of my sponsors and the support they have given me throughout the years!!
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