Rider Profile: Ashley Inloes

We recently caught up with Team Rider Ashley Inloes to see what she has been up to this offseason. Ashley has a super smooth style, a big bag of tricks and if she is in the water behind the boat—she has a huge smile. She finished her first Professional season off in 2020 with a solid 3rd Place and also won female best trick of the year with a Frontside Big Spin to Switch backside big spin combo! You can see some of Ashley's great riding on her IG page. 

P5: First off Happy New Year. How is life treating you?

AI: Life has been amazing. I’m up in Utah for winter break and it has been a blast! I’ve loved being able to cross train between snowboarding and. It’s nice to switch it up for a bit, but I’m already itching to wakesurf again haha.

P5: With Covid-19 a hot topic topic, what were your thoughts on the 2020 contest season?

AI: The 2020 season actually turned out much better than I anticipated! The lockdown gave me lots of time to ride and learn new tricks. We were able to have a few live competitions at the end of the season, which are so much fun and validate all of your hard work.

P5: What does a day in the life of you look like right now?

AI: Since I’m staying in Utah, my “day in the life” looks a little different than usual. On most days my family and I go skiing/snowboarding from open to close then come back to eat a good dinner. Some days we also workout or I go hang out at the flowrider with Bailey Dunn!

P5: How long have you been riding for Phase 5? What does it mean to you to ride for P5?

AI: I’ve only been riding for P5 for about 7 months now. I have genuinely enjoyed every second of it! For me, riding for P5 means that I get to promote the highest quality and performance wakesurf boards on the market! Standing behind and loving the product I endorse is very important to me. I love the fact that I can recommend any one of the P5 boards and know that my friends and family will be happy with their products.

P5: What are the big plans for the winter?  

AI: Bailey Dunn moved in with me in Orlando to train for the winter so we have been surfing everyday and I hope to continue the trend! I love riding during the off-season because you are able to focus on landing new tricks instead of working on consistency before you compete in a competition.

P5: How is hanging out with the other riders on the team?  Also what are your thoughts on young up and coming riders on the team?

AI: I love all the other riders on the P5 team! That’s always been one of my favorite things about riding for P5. All of my closest wakesurf friends are apart of the team such as Nick Parros and Whitley Stewart. The up and coming riders are not only insanely good, but some of the most fun people I know! Reed-Cole Tucker and Afton Bank are like my little brothers and I love talking to them before we compete. 

P5: What or who influences your riding and style?

AI: I think as wakesurfers and friends we all influence each other’s riding! It’s been so much fun having everyone visit us down in Orlando to ride during the off season. We all push each other to try new combos and tricks and then incorporating our own style to those tricks.

P5: Favorite professional Athlete? 

AI: My favorite professional athlete has always been Bethany Hamilton. I love how she works against situations that could seem like a disadvantage and uses them to make herself better.

P5: If you are not wakesurfing, what are you doing?

AI: Lately, I have been snowboarding/skiing. But when I’m back home in Orlando I’m most likely working out or doing school.


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