Rider Spotlight: Frankie Schifano

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL
Years Riding: 2 years
Favorite Board/Set Up: Key LTD 
Favorite Trick: 720 Big Spin into Switch Front 5 Big Spin Combo
Instagram: @frankie.schifano

Phase 5: What’s up, Frankie? How has 2023 been treating you so far?
Frankie:Bro, 2023 has been amazing so far! I’m 16 and going into my senior year of high school but I also just finished my first year of college with honors. I’m pretty stoked on that.  I have been on some amazing trips this year as well. I went to Chile for a flow barrel contest and won another world title there. Also some snowboarding trips with my friends, Caribbean with the family. Just lots of traveling so far. The year is only half over and it’s already been so fun.

Phase 5: What are your plans for the season
Frankie:I took some time off from riding in the off season to recuperate and just recently started back up to get ready for the comps. I plan to do WSWS and the WWA contests while moving up to semi pro this year. This will be my second year competing so now I’m looking forward to some of my favorite comp stops and seeing people I haven’t seen in a while.

Phase 5: So you’ve only been surfing for a couple years. How have you been able to get so good within such a short time?
Frankie:I have been an ocean surfer since I was 8 and actually went pro with that at 12. I am also a world champion flow rider so honestly, wake surfing just came natural to me. I don’t have a coach, I’ve just always figured it out myself. I don’t spend much time on the boat. When I am in comp mode, I may spend 3 days a week in 3 hour sessions to get dialed in. I don’t need much time to learn new tricks, it all really comes natural because of my ocean surfing and flow riding background.  Plus, the Phase 5 Key LTD definitely helps.

Phase 5: And we’re assuming that living in Florida full-time has really helped, right? When did your family make the move down?
Frankie: Iwas born in Boston but moved to Florida when I was 3 months old so Florida is definitely home for me. Yes, living in Florida and getting to ride anytime you want is a huge plus.  You progress a lot faster when you’re not having to wait for a lake to thaw out.

Phase 5: What are some of your goals for this year?
Frankie: Last year was my first year competing in wake surfing and I set my bar pretty high taking home WWA National Champion, WWA Masters Champion and Centurion Amateur World Champion. This year, I am hoping to take home some of the same titles in semi pro. I just did my first comp of 2023 and took home the win so I’m off to a good start. My other goal for this year and every year, is to live life to the fullest and be a nice person in every way.

Phase 5: Who is your usual riding crew?
Frankie: I have 3 different riding crews: my flow rider squad, we spend hours on the boat messing around having a blast, my OG friends that I have ocean surfed with since I was a mini grom, and when it is time to actually get in comp mode and focus, one of my parents will pull me and video me so I can teach myself new tricks and get ready for the comp.

Phase 5: What does a typical day for you look like?
Frankie: I’m definitely not your “creature of habit” kind of person. Everyday looks different for me. The only constant I have in my day is to wake up and feed my horses and goats and at some point, get my school work done. Other than that, I am out having a blast on some kind of adventure.

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