The 1st Annual Phase 5 Regatta

Last year, the P5 team managers (Mark Walser, Markus Lahmer, Drew Danielo, & Max Smetts) came up with the idea of inviting the team to Florida to get together for the sole purpose of riding and strengthening our friendships. What came about was the 1st Annual P5 Regatta. When we sent out the invites to the team, we weren’t sure how many riders would be interested and what the turnout would be. All we knew is that we were going to be stoked no matter what to get together and ride! 

What transpired from the idea was an amazing turnout of around 50 P5 team and family members that joined us for a beautiful weekend in Florida full of laughs and plenty of surfing! The event spanned over 3 days and we had riders that traveled from Europe, Canada, and all over the United States to join us. We truly enjoyed getting to know these riders that we don’t typically get to see outside of contests!

On the first day of the event, we hosted a dinner where we presented the P5 Rider of the Year trophies from the 2022 Season to Jett Lambert, Whit Shropshire, and Markus Lahmer (2022 P5 ROTY Blog). We also had a special surprise in store for Drew Danielo. Drew was recently inducted into the Wakesports Hall of Fame (Drew Danielo Hall of Fame Blog) and fellow P5 team manager, Mark Walser, crafted an amazing plaque for Drew. We shared stories of how far P5 has come and the relationships that have propelled the brand to where it is with Drew and the rest of the team. It was definitely a great way to kick off the first annual P5 Regatta!

The next two days of the Regatta were spent on the lake and we all surfed our brains out! We had 5 boats in action so there was plenty of boat time to go around. The riders all got to mix it up and surf with friends they don’t normally get to ride with so everyone really enjoyed it. Since it was Mardi Gras weekend, we came up with a ring toss game with beads and there were many epic attempts at riders trying to get their beads onto the tube post! 

But before the weekend came to an end, we had one more special award to give out. We presented the P5 Legend plaque to longtime P5 ambassador Dennis Costa. We hold Dennis Costa close to our hearts here at the P5 Family as he has been such a great enthusiast for the brand over the years and a big help for us whenever we need anything. There aren’t enough words for what a legend Dennis Costa is to P5!

All in all, the first Annual P5 Regatta was a big hit! We can’t thank the boat drivers and P5 team members that volunteered to bring their boats to the lake for the weekend and made the entire event possible. We want to give a special thanks to Mark Walser for playing a huge role and orchestrating the Regatta. Without him, the P5 Regatta would not have been a reality!

We can’t wait to build on the P5 Regatta and have fun with the P5 team in 2024! 

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