The 2023 Doctor

This board is just what the Doctor ordered! Puns aside, the Doctor is an all-around cruiser that almost anyone can jump on and shred. The 55” size accommodates plenty of riders but the bigger versions (57” and 59”) are made for the bigger riders that are still looking to throw down and progress! The Doctor provides such a wide, stable base that’s great for beginners but is also made for the more advanced riders to start stacking tricks on. It’s one of our team's favorite surf style boards when it comes to having a good time. Just ask team rider Nick Parros. It’s one of those boards that he loves to bring out with a big crew because anyone can jump on it and have an awesome time. What could be better? Check out what else he had to say about the Doctor below and pick one up HERE!

PHASE 5: What are some of the things you like about the Doctor?
Nick: My favorite thing about the Doctor is how many people can enjoy it. I ride with such a wide variety of people, it’s nice to have a board that the entire family can have fun on, especially the dads. For bigger guys that want to progress and have a board that can help them do that, the Doctor is the way to go. I appreciate how stable this board is as well.

PHASE 5: You’re more of a skim rider but what are some of the features that you look for in a surf style board? Does the Doctor check those boxes?
Nick: When I ride surf style, I’m out there to have fun and enjoy myself. The Doctor allows me to do just that. I can paddle in, lay down, walk around, and enjoy a nice floaty ride! I want stability and predictability in my surf style board and the Doctor lives up to that.

PHASE 5: What type of rider would you put on the Doctor?
Nick: The number one rider I’d put on this board is all the heavier riders that want to still ride hard and progress. Finding a board that can support bigger riders can be difficult so this is one of my go-to’s. That being said, it is still a blast for smaller riders to go out on and have fun!

PHASE 5: Would the Doctor be a good board for beginners to learn and be able to progress on?
Nick: The Doctor is made to be more of an advanced board, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a pro to ride it. A lot of people who have ocean riding experience love this board! For smaller riders that want to have a board that is bigger and more stable, this is a great choice as well.

PHASE 5: What’s your fin set-up when you ride the Doctor? Why?
Nick: I ride whatever fins happen to be on it honestly! I personally like my surf style boards loose so I’d prefer to have the twin set up. The great thing about this board is that you can choose between quad or twin!

PHASE 5: Is the Doctor your go-to surf style board in the line-up? What gets you hyped to take it out for a rip?
Nick: Great question. Like you said, I’m a skim rider at heart. However, the Doctor is definitely a board that I get hyped to ride whenever I get the chance! There’s nothing like going out and attempting headstands on this bad boy!


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