The 2023 Ratchet

The Ratchet has all the features you’d expect from a Phase 5 skim style board with one twist, the foot straps. This is our only board (minus foil boards) that come with mounting holes so you can ride with your straps on or off depending on your mood that day. The foot straps open up a whole new style of riding where you can pump harder, pop higher, and even try to go inverted! But don’t worry because even with the straps off, the board reacts just like you’d expect a Phase 5 skimmer to. This is an all-around great board no matter how you ride it!

PHASE 5: The Ratchet is the only board that comes with straps in the line-up, minus foil boards of course. What are some of the reasons to break out the Ratchet for the crew?
Drew: The Ratchet to me is like having a longboard on the boat. It’s not something you will want to ride full time, but it is super fun and mixes it up behind the boat. The straps allow you to do super fun things you can’t do on a regular surfer. Examples would be some big tweaked grab airs and flips! And who doesn’t love a good flip or flip crash?!

PHASE 5: How does it ride without the straps?
Drew: Without the straps, the Ratchet is a super sick board and lives up to the Phase 5 reputation for Wakesurfers. It is fast and a lot of fun.

PHASE 5: Have you ever flipped one?
Drew: Well, I have flipped one. Did I ride away from the flip though? No! Ha it is super fun to try though! I have been pretty close a few times but just haven’t got there yet.

PHASE 5: How helpful are the straps when it comes to teaching beginners?
Drew: The straps can definitely be a great tool for learning. You can get the board on your feet before the boat goes rather than struggling to keep your feet in the right spots before the line tension hits, kind of like a wakeboard start. They also can help with getting the feeling for doing airs or air 3’s if you are working on those!

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite tricks to do while riding the Ratchet?
Drew: My personal favorites to do with the Ratchet is just a big melan grab poke or like an 80’s skateboard style air tuck knee grab. The sky is the limit with the Ratchet!


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