The 2023 Venom

The 2023 Venom is a relatively new shape on the surf line that was designed to cater to the rider who yearns for the feeling of ocean surfing behind the boat. If you’ve ever caught a wave out in the ocean, then you know what we’re talking about. Deep bottom turns, aggressive cutbacks, and huge airs…the Venom was built for all of it! Its tapered blunt nose design helps you attack even the most vertical wave without getting hung up and gives you plenty of stability when landing revert. The Venom is truly packed with features that the competitive wakesurfer can rely on. Not only that but it has been glassed with our new FLIGHTLITE™ V2 Pro Select Lamination so it’s not only lightweight but incredibly durable.

With twin FCS fin boxes, swapping your fins on the go is a breeze so you can really dial in the feel of your set up. And since it’s a twin thruster set up, you don’t have to worry about losing speed because this board generates more than enough, making it easy to recover when you drop back on the wave. The Venom also comes with our Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer that runs the length of the board which gives it unrivaled pop off the wave. So if your sets behind the boat have you longing for the feel of the salt water then give the Venom a rip and see what it’s all about!


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