The 2023 Zilla


The Zilla is the not-so-little brother of the Kahuna. A longboard-style surfer, the Zilla measures in at 68” (5’8”) making it a solid 28” shorter than the 8’ Kahuna. This reduction in size makes the Zilla much more playful on the wave while still keeping it easy to stay in the sweet spot of the wave. The board has plenty of width for you to dance all over it, even all the way up on the nose so you can hang five or even ten if you feel so inclined. We’ve made the tail taper in as it goes back so you can get plenty of response out of your soul carves. Fitted with FCS Fusion fin boxes, it’s a quad fin set up that you can play with to dial in your favorite feel. 

We at Phase 5 are all about trying new things and looking at the way we ride differently and the Zilla is a perfect escape from the technical maneuvers of skim-style boards and the hard slashing of our surf-style boards. If you haven’t tried out a longboard then now is the time! It’s also a great board for beginners since the added surface area and volume make getting up it a breeze and since it holds in the wave easier, even the most inexperienced riders on your boat can have a blast on it. So what are you waiting for?Join the longboard revolution and hop on aZilla today!


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