Throwback Thursday: The First P5 Video Series

Words & Interviewer: Drew Danielo

This Thursday we take you all the way back to 2011. This was our first year doing a video series. We had seen some of Corbin's videos on the internet and liked the way he edited. We also liked that way his brother Shane was riding. So we called them up, invited them down with some of the team riders and well as they say "The Rest is History".

We caught up with Corbin to talk about this shoot and how life is now:

P5: Corbin how did you get hooked up with Phase 5 to shoot their videos?

CB:  To be honest, the Smetts family, Drew Danielo, and my brother Shane Blanton are the reasons why I was brought on board to help shoot their videos. I was just an outsider who was really into water sports and filming. I would shoot my own videos of wakeboarding and eventually of my brother wake surfing. As Shane became more interested in the sport I would help him reach out to potential sponsors using my videos as a source to showcase his wake surfing. I believe all we did was a Facebook post of one of my videos featuring Shane to Phase5 way early on and just like that.....boom they flew us out.

P5:  Thats Awesome. So you and your brother are getting on plane to go stay and work with a bunch of people you didn't know.  What was it like meeting and working with the P5 Crew?

CB:  Best crew ever and after that first video shoot they felt like family. I'm not just saying that and I know that sounds cliche but it's true.

P5:  If you can remember what were 3 stand out moments for you on this trip? 

CB:  1 - Meeting the Phase 5 crew and touring the shop.

        2 - Coming up with and filming the "first ever" idea of skimming from the beach and into the boat wake. 

        3 - Being given this opportunity. The trip was PURE fun and laughs.
P5:  What is the name of your production company?
CB:  CB Filmz is the name of my personal film company. I just recently started becoming more serious the company and about growing the YouTube channel. I'm starting to transition into using mostly GoPro cameras as my main and my Panasonic GH5 as a backup (as of now).
Check out CB Filmz on YouTube |
P5:  This one will make you feel old,   This video was about 10 years ago, what’s new in the life of Corbin Blanton? 


CB:   Yeah wow I can't believe those first videos were 10 years ago now and those were only in 720p resolution!. Well the life of me consists of this. I'm married to my beautiful wife Andrea and we have 2 kids. My daughter Olivia who is gonna be 4 this year and my son Parker who was born in October of 2020. As far as I go, I'm a guy focused on his family, his physical health, his wakeboarding, his filming/editing, and enjoying his life. Stay stoked my dudes and I hope I get to see ya'll soon! Emoji


  Enjoy this fun journey back with Max Smetts, Zach, Smetts, Shane Blanton, Justin Shock, Blake Smetts, Chris Hau and Drew Danielo. Part 1 Below- Next week we will look at Part 2 with team rider / Photographer Chris Hau

Video Part 1: 



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