Welcome Parker Payne To The Team

We are more than stoked to announce the addition of Parker Payne to the Phase 5 Wake Surfing team.  At 18 years of age, Parker Payne's future is looking bright and we couldn't be happier to be his board of choice.

Full interview:

P5:  How did you get into wake surfing?
Parker:  Growing up my family always had a boat. I would always tube and wakeboard but eventually I discovered the art of wake surfing at the ripe age of 8.

P5:  What do you do in your free time?
Parker:  On the days that Iʼm not out wake surfing my usual day consists of going to school, hanging out with friends, and chilling with my parents trying to find out the next fun thing to do.

P5:  Welcome to the Phase 5 Team! We are excited to have you.....what are your thoughts on our current team?
Parker:  Hanging out with the Phase 5 crew here at the photo shoot has been a bunch of fun. Every single rider is super talented in their own way and all have their own individual style. Itʼs awesome to hang out and relax but push each other in wake surfing at the same time.

P5:  How does your Phase 5 surfboard feel under your feet?
Parker:  My phase 5 surf style board is unlike any other board on the market. Itʼs responsiveness and willingness to move where ever your body tells it to is unmatched to the other competitors.

P5:  Youʼre killing the skimboard as well....do you enjoy riding one discipline better than the other?
Parker:  When it comes down to surf or skim I usually ride 50/50. I try to innovate on the skimboard and transfer to the surfboard to push the limits of what surf style wake surfing is all about.

P5:  What Phase 5 skimboard have you been riding and what do you think about it?
Parker:  Iʼve been riding the Phase 5 Matrix for a handful of years now. The Phase 5 Matrix is unmatched to any other skimboard on the market because it has a true ocean style skimboard feel. This board is fast, light, and incredibly responsive.

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