Welcome to the Team: Bailey Dunn

Phase 5 Wakesurfers is excited to announce the signing of Female Pro Rider Bailey Dunn. You may have recently seen a video on the P5 IG of Bailey stomping a 540 big spin. She has a bag of big tricks and we can not wait to watch her progress even more on her Phase 5.

Name: Bailey Dunn
Age: 19
Where are you from: Huntsville, UT
Home Lake: Pineview Reservoir
Current Sponsors: Marine Products, Surf Union, Phase Five

Why Wakesurfing: I love being on the water, spending time with family and friends. I also love the atmosphere that comes along with wakesurfing and whole surf community. Everyone is a big family!

Most Prized Possession: My family!

Favorite Athlete: Alex Morgan

If you’re not Wakesurfing: If i’m not wakesurfing i’m probably doing something in nature (hiking, biking, skiing). I have found that being in nature helps me be more aware of the world me, keeping a good mindset. and of course spending quality time with friends and family!

How do you stay healthy? Being active everyday is super important to me. Fueling my body with healthy foods. Staying positive.

Favorite Workout? MURF (crossfit workout)

What do you do in your off season? I moved to Florida to train during the off season. I also enjoy snow skiing, and doing crossfit.

Tips to a rider who just bought there first Phase 5? You got the best board in the WORLD!! Get involved with the phase five, and surf community! enjoy! YEWW!

Any other Careers? Wakesurf coach, Ortho Assistant.

Social Connections:
FB: Baileydunn23
Insta: Baileydunn23

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