Maryna Kaplan

Maryna Kaplan is one of those riders that truly captures what we’re all about here at Phase 5. 

Not only is she an amazing ambassador for the sport of wake surfing, she’s always in a good mood and rips as well! She’s also an awesome coach so she’s great at teaching the next generation of shredders.

She is the co-owner of City Swell in Kyiv, Ukraine and also coaches in Abu Dhabi over the winter months. We are proud to not only have her on the team but as a partner in the Euro and UAE markets with City Swell. She took 3rd place at Worlds in the Amateur division as well as 3rd in Outlaw in 2020. She currently rides the MVP and the Mindset.

FOR LESSONS, CONTACT:@city_swell (Ukraine May-Oct, WakesurfAD Dubai, Nov-March)

Hometown:  Kyiv, Ukraine


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