Zo Zylstra

Living in the Turks & Caicos Islands and sharing a passion on the bright blue waters.

Zo has worked at Minnesota Inboard in Excelsior, Minnesota since 2015 while creating a path for herself in the wake surf industry by starting her own business at just 15 years old, Zos Surf and Ski School. With the relationships she built with those jobs she is a proud member of the Malibu Promo Team. Currently, she is living on an island in the Caribbean Sea to wake surf in unique and beautiful waters while working for Wake to Wake Watersports as a Captain. Zo does not take for granted the opportunities that she has been given to live her best life and follow her dream. She is thrilled to join the Phase 5 family as a Team Rider and is excited to continue to motivate everyone to enjoy the sport she loves.

Hometown: Prior Lake, Minnesota


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