Phase Five 3D Dimpster Twin Fin Set (Black)


We are very excited to release our first ever wake specific surf style fins.  After hundereds of hours designing and testing, we introduce to you the Phase Five Speed Base Fin.  

Working together with the mastermind Courtney Potter of 3D Fins, the Speed Base Fin was born.

3D Fins Dimple Technology

Golfballs have dimples because it helps them slice through the air quicker and more efficiently, going further than if they did not have any dimples at all.  The dimples on a golf ball reduces airflow drag exponentially.  This is the same concept applied to waterflowing over surf fins.  Dimples = less drag. Water flows without sticking to the fin increasing overall speed and performance.

The Dimpster fin works well as a rear quad trailer or an alternative option to tweak the ride of your board.  Comes with two fins.







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