2024 Big Guy Boards Collection

At Phase 5, we believe wakesurfing should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who enjoys time on the water with friends and family. That’s why we created all size boards so anyone can grab one and ride! The “Big Guy” Boards collection feature different shapes and sizes of skim-style as well as surf-style boards so you can decide which ride is right for you. Check out their features below and pick one up today! Shop the FULL COLLECTION HERE.


The XB has been freshened up for 2024 with a nice, clean white top graphic with a fun, trippy graphic on the bottom! This big ripper has a pulled in skim nose, wide midsection and subtle swallow tail to keep you in the wave with ease while also being fast and sporty on the water. Don’t let its size fool you…the XB rips! It comes equipped with a tri-fin set up made up of 2” P5 skim fins that can be removed so you can dial in just the right amount of stability for your riding.

“The XB is my go-to when it comes to skim style, especially when I have a big crew on the boat. Seasoned riders love it and it's a great board for teaching new riders on. You can't miss!” – Matthew Smith

Features: E-Glass™ Wrap, ¾” Thick Core, Composilite™ Construction, Continuous Core, Polyester Resin, Tri Fin Setup, TuffCoat™ Gloss


The Hypsta measures in a bit shorter for the big guys than our other boards at 54”, but don’t be fooled, this board still has plenty of volume and width to handle larger riders! The Hypsta has a wide outline from nose to tail with a snub nose and a tri-fin set up that’s made up of two 1” P5 Fakie Fins as well as a 2” P5 Skim fin in the middle. This allows you to dial in your stability to your exact preferences while still being able to do plenty of technical tricks, like shuv-its and 360’s. The Hypsta is also made with our CI-V Carbon Innegra weave so you can rest assured that it’ll be one of the strongest, most durable boards in your quiver!

“The Hypsta is a super fun board. I love the width of it because it gives me plenty of room to work on it. I also dig the Carbon weave because I know it’s going to withstand anything I put it through!” – Frankie Schiffano

Features: CI-V Carbon Innegra, ¾” Thick, Polyester Resin, Gloss Finish, Tri Fin Setup




The Model X has been in the Phase 5 line for over a decade. Why? Because it rips, plain and simple. It’s an easy-to-ride skim style board that delivers high-performance with no problems. It boasts a nice, gradual rocker that holds speed, as well as its unique single wing swallow tail that’s designed for responsiveness on the water. A combination of stability, speed and maneuverability make the Model X a winner for anyone who wants to jump on it! 

“The Model X is the perfect skim style board for a rider like me. Being a heavier surfer, I like the stability of it but the real enjoyment is how lively the Model X is under my feet. The quality construction and the magic in the performance make this board a go-to for any of the bigger folks elevating their surfing game!” – Mark Walser

Features: GatorSkin™ Glass, ¾” Thick, Polyester Resin, Gloss Finish, Tri Fin Setup




The Trident draws its name from its tri-fin setup and is made for the larger rider who is looking to maximize their time out on the water with big, wide carves up and down the wave. The Trident has a long drawn out rail line with a speedy bat tail design that holds speed with no problem so you can stay in the wave with ease. This board was made with the larger riders in mind and is glassed with a new Hybrid Carbon Weave so you know it’s strong and durable. It comes with three 2” fins for maximum control on the water.

“The Trident kills it behind the boat! It’s big, wide, and easy to ride. It's a true high performance board for bigger guys. What more could you ask for? Whether I’m taking big carves on it, sitting back in the pocket, or airing out, the Trident can handle it all.” – Matthew Smith

Features: GatorSkin™ Glass, ¾” Thick, V.R.T. Technology,  Polyester Resin, Gloss Finish, Tri Fin Setup




The “king” of the big boards, the Kong is a fun shape that can be ridden by plenty of different riders. Made with our FLEXtec v2 Lamination, the Kong is built to be shredded! It has tons of volume, full nose outline, and a high performance rounded pintail which are just a few of the things that make this board so fun. It’s covered with a full deck of our V2 Techno Traction so anywhere you step on the board, you don’t have to worry about slipping off. Don’t mistake this board for some boring cruiser…it’s fast, easy to stay in the wave on, and can throw buckets with the best of them!

“The Kong is such a fun board because it’s way more responsive than most other larger boards on the market. And as a bigger framed rider, I can really appreciate that. It’s super snappy and playful, really not what you would expect from a board of its size!” – David Williams

Features: FLEXtec v2 Lamination, V.R.T. Technology, Reflex Speedrail, Epoxy Resin, FCS Fin Boxes, Texture Finish, EPS Core, Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer, Quad Fin Setup






The newest addition to our Fun Surf Line, the Zeevo is a thruster built with tons of shredability. Its outline and wide midsection make it easy to stay in the wave while its pin tail makes it more maneuverable. When designing the Zeevo, the minds at Phase 5 wanted a board that had the comfortability of a longboard while being much more agile than it looks. This thruster fin setup provides plenty of push to play on the wave with ease while adding in an upturned nose to keep it from digging in while dropping down off of today’s steep boat waves.  This board should be a part of every rider’s quiver to really switch it up on the water and take your riding back to what it’s all about: FUN!

“The Zeevo is one of my favorite boards to jump on when I just want to cruise. You can just chill on it or rip some big turns with it. Whatever you’re feeling, the Zeevo has you covered!” – Jeff Mathis

Features: FLEXtec v2 Lamination, Reflex Speedrail, Epoxy Resin, FCS Fin Boxes, Texture Finish, EPS Core, Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer, Tri Fin Setup






The ultimate weekend warrior board, the Zilla v2 is all about having a good time behind the boat. Its long outline keeps your speed up and in the pocket of the wave while the fish tail gives you a playful feel on the water. In true longboard style, we’ve outfitted it with a singular 8” surf fin for those long, drawn out bottom turns! Whether you’re hanging 5 on the wide nose or trying out doubles with a friend, the Zilla V2 can cruise with the best of them.

“The Zilla v2 is made for good times. It’s a fun, easy-to-ride board that’s great for the weekend warrior who wants to get out and cruise and maybe even go doubles with their kids! What’s better than that?! ” – David Williams

Features:FLEXtec V2 Lamination, Flexspine Carbon Stringer, EPS Core, Reflex Speedrail, Texture Finish, VRT Technology, 8” Classic Longboard Fin






Made for ultimate stability and board control for experienced riders, the Doctor is your prescription for shredding. With its simple, wide outline and high volume, the Doctor can keep you in the wave with no problem so you can concentrate more on trying your next trick than pumping to keep up. With its quad fin set up, you can dial in your ride as you see fit and shred until you can’t anymore! The 59” version can handle weights up to 325 lbs so nobody feels left out when the Doctor is on the boat! 

“For the heavier riders that still want to shred, the Doctor is fast, fun, and can rip! This board is definitely what the Doctor ordered!” – Jeff Mathis

Features:FLEXtec V2 Lamination, V.R.T. Technology, Flexspine Carbon Stringer, EPS Core, Reflex Speedrail, Texture Finish, FCS Fin Boxes, Quad Fin Setup 




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