"What's Going On?" with Parker Payne

Photos: @JeffShotThat

Parker Payne is known for his pop and technical prowess. Whether he’s boosting higher than most or doing some insane NBD out in the flats, Parker is on top of it all the time. Hailing from Texas, Parker travels around a good bit during the season giving lessons, riding in contests, stacking content, and more. We caught up with him to see what’s going on and what he has planned for 2024. Check it out below!

PHASE 5: What’s up, Parker? What have you been up to lately?
Parker: Yo! I’ve been training for some events coming up and shooting content lately. Summer is knocking at the door so I’m pumped to be spending days on the lake again!

PHASE 5: Where are you staying these days?
Parker: Dallas is home base for me right now. I spend lots of time in Orlando too but it’s hard to take a Texan out of Texas.

PHASE 5: So, we’d say you’re known as the kickflip guy now…can you give us a little backstory on how that all came together?
Parker: It all started with a “maybe one day” mentality about 10 years ago. I never thought it would happen but after thousands of attempts later, here we are! It was certainly one of my biggest life accomplishments.

PHASE 5: How many have you landed since the infamous first?
Parker: I’ve landed 3 so far with countless almost makes. The kick flip is certainly an elusive trick! I think the battle of it makes it more fun.

PHASE 5: Have you tried any backside or any other variations of it?
Parker: I’ve been playing around with a backside flip on my Matrix but haven’t put too much time into it yet. Hoping to circle back to it at the end of the season once the summer schedule dies down so I can dedicate time to it. It’d be really cool to have multiple flip tricks in my bag.

PHASE 5: What are your plans for the 2024 season?
Parker: My plan for the 2024 season is to push my surf style game as much as possible! I’ve always been a surf style rider at heart. Additionally, my goal is to have my kickflip dialed by the end of the season. I’m ready to have that one on lock to say the least.

PHASE 5: What are some other tricks that are on your hit list this season?
Parker: Jett has me trying 540 shuvs on my Phantom now after seeing him do it! I’ve also been trying every trick I can in the flats and on top of the wave. I always have a great time switching it up and trying different variations.

PHASE 5: Do you have any pre-ride rituals that you have to do before you take a set?
Parker: I don’t have any particular pre-ride rituals. I usually just throw on my life jacket and jump in. If I remember to stretch, that’s a bonus!

PHASE 5: If you were stranded on a deserted island but could still surf…would you rather have your Phantom or Matrix Pro?! Tough decision, I know but what would it be and why?
Parker: I’d take the Phantom over the Matrix for sure! I’d most likely kill time by paddling out and trying to get some waves. Maybe use my fins to scale a fish if I caught one. To be honest, being on an island with the ability to surf doesn't sound too bad to me.

PHASE 5: Thanks for chatting with us, Parker! Stoked to see what you have in store for 2024. Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Parker: Thanks for checking in. I’m eager for another great season!


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