2024 Fun Surf Collection

In the past, we have kept things simple with our board lines. We’ve just kept it separated between surf and skim style boards. Makes sense, right? Yes, but now with the addition of another longboard style board with the Zeevo, we decided to switch things up a bit and create a whole new line for these longboards and call them the “Fun Surf” line. These boards (Kong, Zilla v2, Zeevo, and Kahuna) are made for FUN! They’re designed to not only have a lot of push to keep you in the wave with little effort, they open up a whole world of possibilities for a different style of riding. Find out more about each board below and then grab the board that’s calling your name HERE!

KONG(Sizes: 63”, 69”)

The Kong has been one of our most popular longboard shapes, and for good reason: it rips! It may look like a tank but it's quite nimble given the size. With plenty of volume and a speedy rocker design, you can stay in the wave with ease which is what the Fun Surf Line is all about. Our most versatile fin set up of the Fun Surf Line, you can dial in the Kong to fit your needs!

Features: Full Deck EVA Traction Pad, FLEXtec V2 Lamination, FCS Fin Boxes / Quad Fin Set up, Flexspine Carbon Stringer, EPS Core, Reflex Speedrail

ZILLA V2(Sizes: 66", 72")

The Zilla V2 is a refreshing break away from our short surf style boards and has been revamped for 2024. A very responsive, playful shape, the Zilla V2 can slash with the best of them even with its singular 8” surf fin. The fish tail balances out its long outline to keep the Zilla nice and nimble on the wave while holding plenty of speed to keep you cruising. Hang five on the wide nose or try out riding doubles with a friend! The Zilla V2 is all about a good time on the water.

"The Zilla V2 is one of my favorite boards in the line. It's got a great longboard feel while also being nice and responsive on the water." - David Williams

Features: FLEXtec V2 Lamination, Flexspine Carbon Stringer, EPS Core, Reflex Speedrail, Texture Finish, VRT Technology, 8” Classic Longboard Fin

ZEEVO(Sizes: 64", 70")

Brand new for 2024, The Zeevo is here to show you that longboards aren’t just for cruising anymore! When designing the Zeevo, the minds at Phase 5 wanted a board that had the comfortability of a longboard while being much more agile than it looks. What they came up with was the Zeevo. This thruster fin setup provides plenty of push to play on the wave with ease while adding in an upturned nose to keep it from digging in while dropping down off of today’s steep boat waves. This board should be a part of every rider’s quiver to really switch it up on the water and take your riding back to what it’s all about: FUN!

Features:Full Deck EVA Traction Pad, FLEXtec V2 Lamination, FCS Fin Boxes / Tri Fin Setup, Flexspine Carbon Stringer, EPS Core, Reflex Speedrail, Epoxy Resin, Texture Finish

KAHUNA(Size: 8')

The OG longboard shape, the Kahuna is the biggest board we make! Coming in at 8 feet, this board has all the room you’ll ever need, from riding solo and walking up and down the board to getting 2 or 3 riders on it at once! If you’ve never tried it, you definitely should. It’s been known to have four riders at a time when the Phase 5 team gets together…based on the classic longboard shape, the Kahuna comes equipped with a tri fin FCS setup and is covered by a full smooth EVA trackpad and hard fiberglass bottom for that ultimate longboard feel. If you’re looking for the closest feeling to boarding some long ocean waves, then look no further than the Kahuna.

Features: Full Deck EVA Surf Pad, Hard Fiberglass Bottom, Epoxy Resin, FCS Fin Boxes, Center Longboard Fin, EPS Core

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