2024 P5 Performance Surf Collection

The Performance Surf Line is designed for riders who are looking to rule the waves. With 8 different models to choose from, there’s a board for every rider. Whether you want something aggressive or something more chill, Phase 5 has you covered. Check out the full collection below!


John Akerman’s surf blade of choice, the Ahi was designed with the ocean surfer in mind. The idea was to bring the aggressiveness and fun of surfing in the ocean to behind the boat and the Ahi delivers just that. This board is fast, poppy, and most importantly, fun! It’s taken a massive rehaul from the 2023 model with improvements like the moon tail shape, a wider midsection and a full rounded pin nose which adds up to the perfect blend of handling and performance. We’ve also tweaked the outline to give the rider more speed and drive down the line while channeling water flow off the tips of its tail for optimal release. It's built with our Flightlite V2 Pro Select layup so you know it’s not only going to be durable but light as well. If it’s good enough for Akerman, it’s good enough for you! Check it out here.

Sizes: 53", 56", 59"



The Aku v2 board definitely has some history behind it here at Phase 5. The original Aku was the first surfboard ever introduced into the Phase 5 line up. It's fast rail to rail and built to boost airs! We’ve kept some things the same from the original design but the Aku v2 wouldn’t be a v2 without some improvements! First, the diamond bumped wing tail gives you tons of maneuverability and pop. Coupled with the pulled in nose that gives you the ability to carve as hard as you want without fear of the nose diving, the Aku v2 is as shreddable as they come. Made with our FLEXtec v2 system of glassing, its strength and durability are unmatched. The Aku v2 won’t let you down. Check it out here! 

Sizes: 53", 58"






Calling all big riders! The Doctor will see you now. In all seriousness though, the Doctor is a quad fin killer that has plenty of volume for every rider on the boat. Its clean single concave bottom and rocker profile charge down the line which gives you plenty of speed to stay in the wave. Its wide, parallel shape keeps the board nice and stable and gives the rider plenty of room for learning tricks. It’s glassed with our high-end FLEXtec v2 system for unmatched strength and durability and also offers FCS Fusion fin plugs for easy removal and installation of fins. With two new size options, 57” and 59”, there’s a Doctor for every rider out there! Check it out here.

Sizes: 55", 57", 59"




The Fireball is our “2-for-1” board because who doesn’t like the best of both worlds?! This board is designed to be able to be ridden with fins as a standard surfer but also has the outline of one of our most popular skim style boards, the Matrix, so all you have to do is pop the fins off to get that skim feel! Who doesn’t like that?! Having two baords in one does come with its compromises though with the Fireball having reduced volume compared to our other surf models as well as a slightly mellower rocker to accommodate both surf and skim riding. Made up with our FLEXtec v2 layup, it’s just as strong as you’d think and won’t let you down! Check it out here!

Sizes: 54"




Parker Payne’s kickflip machine, the Phantom is about as aggressive as our surfers come. It went through a fresh re-design for the 2024 model to dial it into Parker’s exact specifications. The first change was an updated nose that carries more speed and momentum throughout your tricks while riding in revert. The updated shape still has the same characteristics of the original design but turned up a notch. If you’ve been watching Parker’s riding lately, you know exactly what we’re talking about. This board still generates more pop than you’ll know that to do with and the rocker line gives you tons of speed to stay in the sweet spot of the wave. There’s a reason Parker has been able to land multiple kickflips on this board…check it out for yourself here!

Sizes: 46", 50", 53", 57"






Stacia Bank’s answer to boring surf models everywhere, the Swell is here to help out your riding! This friendly design offers a lean outline, pulled in nose and super poppy tail for airing out over the wave. Its parallel rails give you speed down the line while the wide tail gives you a steady platform for carving. Its tail has been designed to be able to ride easily in revert too so don’t be scared to give it a shot! The deck also features less volume in the center for superior handling. Built with our Flightlite v2 Pro Select layup for unmatched strength and durability, this lightweight board comes equipped with quad FCS Fusion fin plugs so you can really dial in your ride. Check it out here!  

Sizes: 53", 55", 58"







One of our freshest designs, the Venom is a unique board that was built to give the rider a feeling like surfing in the ocean. Ride out a big bottom turn on this board and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! Designed for aggressive pumping, hard carves, and big pop, the Venom looks as good as it rides. Its tapered blunt nose handles the steepest of waves with ease and gives you ample stability when landing in revert. Its bat tail design gives the rider plenty of pop and carving control while also having tons of surface area to recover from tricks and stay in the wave. Check it out here!  

Sizes: 53", 56"







The Biscuit is quite different from our other surfers to give riders a whole different feeling while out on the water. It’s an entry level board that’s built for good times and can be ridden by any rider on the boat. The outline is made to stay in the wave so you can focus more on having a good time than pumping to keep up. It’s covered with a full-deck EVA pad so you have grip all over the board and there’s no stress about catching a rail on yourself when you fall. Check it out here!

Sizes: 54"



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