2024 Pro Model Collection

At Phase 5, our team riders are the backbone of what we do! Because honestly, what’s a board without a rider? Once it hits the water for the first time, that’s when it becomes something truly special! We love working with our team of pro riders to develop that next board that’s going to help them take their riding to an even higher level. And knowing how they already ride, we’re blown away every year by the ideas they bring to the table to make their board even better which in turn makes their riding even better too! The amount of progression each year by the Phase 5 team is just incredible and we’re stoked to have such talented riders to represent our boards.

From concept to reality, our riders are involved in every aspect when creating their signature model. Each board is produced to their specifications so you know that the board you're getting from Phase 5 is the exact same board that's being ridden by your favorite rider! Check out some details of each of our pro model boards below and make sure to grab one for 2024!


DIAMOND TURBO & LTD by Drew Danielo

This tried and true shape from Drew Danielo has been in the Phase 5 line-up for years now because it’s sick!Drew Danielo is one of those riders who has definitely “been there, done that”. Being in the scene since Phase 5’s inception, Drew definitely knows a thing or two about what makes a good wakesurf board. He’s always bringing new ideas to the table when it comes to the design and gives us plenty of valuable feedback, which makes our jobs easier. One of his two pro model boards, the Diamond Turbo is special in its design because it has maximum speed and pop. This board is definitely for the rider who is looking to take his or her tricks as big and floaty as possible! Made with our unique Carbon Innegra Vertical (CI-V) weave material to boost the durability and responsiveness, the Diamond Turbo is a skim style shred stick that’s sure to pump up your riding. Check it out here and the LTD version here!

“One of my favorite features of the Diamond is the wide tail shape. This keeps the board riding high in the water and helps maintain all your speed. It also creates a lot of pop off the lip for airs, shuvs, and any other tricks you’re looking to take above the lip.” – Drew Danielo

Sizes: 51”, 54”, & 57”

HAMMERHEAD & LTD by Drew Danielo

The “King of Revert”, aka the Hammerhead, is Drew Danielo’s other pro model and differs from the Diamond Turbo in plenty of ways but still rips just as hard! The first major difference is its squared off nose and tail design. With the nose being modeled after the tail, the Hammerhead allows plenty of stability in the revert position, hence the nickname. Its unique peanut shape design also flows through the water to hold plenty of speed and gives you plenty of pop off the lip of the wave. What more could you ask for?! If it’s good enough for Drew, it’s definitely good enough for you! Just as much as the Diamond Turbo, Drew is always bringing in ideas to make the Hammerhead better each year and with all of his experience, we definitely take his ideas to heart. Check out the Hammerhead here and the LTD version here!

“The Hammerhead can be a really fun board for any level rider. Younger riders who are learning can add a 2” fin for stability and have a board they can grow with and learn a lot on. Or heavier riders who do not want to ride a 58” board and want to have something fast that they can progress on. And especially anyone who wants to have a board that is super fast revert.” – Drew Danielo

Sizes: 50”, 53”, & 55”

MATRIX PRO by Parker Payne

Parker Payne may be known more for his crazy technical tricks on his surf style pro model – the Phantom – but he rips the skim style boards just as well! When we first brought him on, he was in love with the Matrix because it had everything he wanted in a board. Fast forward a few years and we decided it was time to kick it up a notch for him, put his name on it and dub it the “Matrix Pro”. This fresh take on a tried-and-true shape was just what it needed. The Matrix Pro is designed to be easy to control, have tons of pop, and to ride just as well revert as it does normally thanks to its symmetrical outline. We also made the Matrix Pro with a thinner core and boxy rails to get the most pop out of it as we could. Top it off with Parker’s signature graphic and you have a board that’s sure to not disappoint. Check it out here!

The Matrix Pro is a great option for a rider who is ready to upgrade to a high performance board.  Additionally, those looking to finally land that 360 will love the Matrix’s ability to spin and recover. I see so many families that all share the same board and it can limit a rider's ability to progress. Finally taking that next big step in getting a P5 can make all the difference!” – Parker Payne

Sizes: 48:, 51”, 53”, & 56”

THE PHANTOM by Parker Payne

The crème de la crème of surf style boards – the Phase 5 Phantom – has seen some of the most progressive tricks go down on it this last year. A kickflip? Really?! Only a rider with the skill of Parker and a finely crafted board like the Phantom would be able to pull off something as insane as that! Painstakingly built to Parker’s exact specifications, the Phantom is packed with so much tech built into the best materials on the planet for a ride like no other. Parker loves stepping back each year to tweak the Phantom so it rides even better each season.We pieced this board together with our brand new signature Flightlite V2 Pro Select layup that delivers high performance while also keeping the board extremely light. Combine this with just the right amount of rocker and concave through the board and you get a recipe for tons of pop! If you’re looking for a high-energy surf style board, look no further than the Phantom! Check it out here!

The Phantom is my favorite board to teach new riders on! It is very beginner friendly while also having lots of room for progression all the way up to pro level riding.  Ample amounts of push allows new riders to easily find the “sweet spot” while the tucked rail design provides a forgiving riding experience.” – Parker Payne

Sizes: 46”, 50” 53, & 57”

THE KEY by Sean Silveira

Sean Silveira’s pro model “The Key” has been one of our most popular shapes ever since it made its debut a few years ago.Sean Silveira has been in the scene for quite some time and with his well-known hard charging style, we knew he needed a board that could keep up with him and could handle anything he threw at it.So where do you begin for a board like that? Well, you start on the inside. The core of the Key is thin and continuous which keeps the board light and snappy for the most pop and also allows the board to rotate quickly for shuv tricks and carries plenty of speed so you can string more of your tricks together. This new age skim is just what the next generation of skim riders is looking for. Similar to the Matrix, we shaped the Key with a squared-off nub style shape to cut down on length and weight. Constructed with our Gatorskin™ glass designed to take a beating, the Key will hold up no matter the situation. Its Propel™ bottom sheet keeps the speed up so you don’t use all your energy pumping to stay in the wave. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the Key might just be the “key” to step up your riding…but don’t take our word for it, check it out here!

“I’m extremely stoked that the Key was created with the best skim company in the game! P5 is family and hopefully the Key will stay a favorite for many years to come!” – Sean Silveira

Sizes: 46”, 50”, 52”, & 55”


Jett Lambert has been making a name for himself the last couple of seasons with his super technical yet stylish riding. Blowing minds during free riding sessions and contests alike, Jett has been on a tear for a minute now so we thought he deserved to have a on a board! Living with and being coached by Sean Silveira definitely helped him step up his riding as well so a collab only made sense. Based off the popular Key design, the Jett Shreds Key boasts the same squared off nub nose and tail design that made the Key such a powerhouse of a board. It’s also constructed with our GatorSkin™ Glass material so you know it can take a beating! So many NBD’s have been landed on either the Key or Jett’s version so don’t delay and check it out here!

“I’ve been riding the Key for the past few seasons and I love it. The fact that I can share it with my friend and coach, Sean, makes it even better now!” – Jett Lambert

Sizes: 46”, 50”, 52”, & 55”

THE AHI by John Akerman

If you’re looking for the closest ocean surfing feel behind the boat, look no further than John Akerman’s signature surf style board – the Ahi. Its redesign for 2024 brought out its fresh moon tail shape, wide midsection and a full rounded pin nose that helps give the Ahi its signature performance. Putting all these things together gives the Ahi the perfect blend of handling and performance. John Akerman is a true waterman so he knows exactly what he wants in a board. He’s always thinking about what he can do to tweak the design to help with various tricks, how it handles in certain conditions, and more. John swears by it so you should give it a try! Check it out here.

“When it comes to surf style, the Ahi is my dream board. It feels just like I’m surfing in the ocean when I’m on the Ahi and I love it! The moon tail shape not only looks sick but performs just as well.” – John Akerman

Sizes: 53”, 56”, & 59

THE MVP & LTD by John Akerman

The MVP has some of our most technical features packed into it which is perfect for John Akerman’s hard charging, aggressive skim style. Not only does it have a full deck EVA pad so you have grip no matter where you land on the board, it has both a nose and tail kick pad for superior control, our patentedRidgeGrip™ technology that is exclusive to the MVP, the moontail design that mirrors the Ahi, and the V-Spline bottom that delivers maximum speed and handling. It also comes in an LTD version that has all the features of the regular version with a sick new graphic. Check it out here and the LTD version here!

My favorite features of my MVP are the full deck pad for maximum traction, the RidgeGrip rail design for extra float and grip, the Moon Tail for added speed, stability and pop. This is definitely my favorite year of the MVP!” – John Akerman

Sizes: 46”, 50”, 53”, & 56”

THE MINDSET by Ashley Inloes

When setting out to design the Mindset, Ashley Inloes knew she wanted a bit of a smaller board that groms, kids, and girls could ride with ease. After riding boards that always felt a bit too big, Ashley knew that the key to the Mindset’s design would be its narrow outline. What she was able to come up with has been a huge success for riders all over the globe. With her coaching up-and-coming riders, the Mindset always comes in handy for the younger/smaller riders who are looking to do technical tricks but can’t find a board to fit their style. Being Ashley’s first pro model board, she poured her blood, sweat, and tears into making it truly special! Check it out here.

“The world goes silent when I’m wakesurfing. My mind is only focused on my set. I believe that everyone has a passion that makes the rest of the world go away, then they can deeply tune in and love what they are doing. It’s the best feeling ever and I feel so blessed to have found that passion.”– Ashley Inloes

Sizes: 43”, 46”, & 49”

THE SWELL by Stacia Bank

The Swell surf style board designed by team rider Stacia Bank is a high-performance slayshing machine! For those who like a bit of bite in their board, the Swell has a lean outline with a tapered nose and a more poppy tail for 2024. Not only does the tail have more surface area for added pop, it also gives you a more stable foundation when you’re spinning 360’s on the water. The parallel rails of the board allow for increased speed down the line while the pulled in nose lets you attack the lip with as much speed and power that you can muster without worrying about the nose catching the wave. Check it out here!

The outline of the Swell makes it really agile and one of the most rider friendly shapes for riders of all levels, truly beginner to pro. And the new recessed deck will definitely be a favorite!– Stacia Bank

Sizes: 53”, 55”, & 58”



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