"This or That?" with Jett Lambert

Jett Lambert has been on fire for the last few seasons. Not only has height been going up but his bag of tricks gets bigger everyday. Whether it’s some crazy tech trick or something super stylish, Jett is always turning heads with his killer riding. He trains 24/7 with Sean Silveira so it shouldn’t surprise anyone! Jett can definitely throw down in any condition but of course he has his preferences. Check out a few of them below as we pick his brain for this week’s “This or That”! And pick up his signature model -- the Jett Shreds Key -- HERE!

PHASE 5: Sunrise or sunset sessions?
Jett: Sunset!
PHASE 5: Frontside or backside?
Jett: Frontside all day.
PHASE 5: Foil or surf style riding?
Jett: I gotta get my pumps in on the foil!


PHASE 5: Style or tech tricks?
Jett: Style for sure! But you know I love some tech tricks too...

PHASE 5: Airs or slayshes?
Jett: Nothing like a big air!

PHASE 5: Big or small riding crew?
Jett: Big crew. The more, the merrier!


PHASE 5: Steep or mellow wave?
Jett: Keep it steep!

PHASE 5: Chill or hype sessions?
Jett: Hype, of course!

PHASE 5: Sean or Galo driving?
Jett: Can I say both?

PHASE 5: If you’re not out surfing, would you rather be skateboarding or riding dirt bikes?
Jett: Dirt bikes! Brap brap!

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