How to "Pop Up" Start on the Kahuna

Rider: Zach Smetts / Photos: @jeffshotthat

The largest board in our line at 8’ long, the Kahuna is a longboard rider’s best friend! Whether you want to ride it by yourself or tandem with a friend, the Kahuna is a part of our “Fun Surf” line for a reason! But, have you ever tried a “pop up'' start like a traditional surfboard? If not, you should! Check out a few pointers below to help you nail it!


Make sure you can already get up and ride the Kahuna like normal. If you’re still in the learning phase of riding, this move will be a little tricky for you!


To begin, lie on your stomach with the rope in hand and have the boat begin to go. Stay lying on your stomach with the rope until the wave forms and begins to push you before throwing the rope in the boat. Get your weight centered and get ready to pop up! If you really want to feel like ocean surfing, paddle a few times with your arms before popping up!


This is the make or break moment! Bring your hands to the edges of the board, in line with your chest. Push away from the board while bringing your feet under you. Try to do this as fluidly as possible to keep the board stable and under you. Once you’re up, find your balance and shred!


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