2024 Southern Surf Slam Photo Recap

Photos: Donny Searle

Atlanta, Georgia is home to a thriving/growing surf community thanks to Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier and the many shops/marinas in the area that get people out on the water! This past weekend, we cruised up to Lake Lanier for the 2024 Southern Surf Slam! This event was jammed full with vendors, food trucks, music, and good times! We started on 6/27 with a pro/am clinic where riders got to pair up with the pros to get coached and even simulate their contest run later in the day. Things like this really help young riders not only gain confidence and learn new tricks but get more acquainted with the contest scene so they’re not so nervous going into their first competition! The next day, 6/28, we started the surf contest. With over 80 competitors that covered amateur to professional, we had a full day of shredding that led straight into day 3! Not only did we have beautiful weather and an amazing wave provided by the Nautique G23, we saw about 400-500 spectators throughout the day which made for a solid crowd to watch the shredding go down!


Pro Men's Skim

  1. Jett Lambert
  2. Tyler Stewart
  3. Luke Hutcherson
  4. Robert McClelland
  5. Reed Cole-Tucker
  6. Lee Hite
  7. Brock Moody

Pro Men's Surf

  1. Tyler Stewart
  2. Samuel Gonclaves
  3. Tripp Allen
  4. Jake Breedlove
  5. Jett Lambert
  6. Parker Payne
  7. Chad Carlson
  8. Dylan Ayala

Pro Women's Skim 

  1. Whitley Stewart
  2. Ashley Inloes
  3. Ava Stewart
  4. Evie Shropshire
  5. Nicole Hudson

Pro Women's Surf

  1. Cassidy Gale
  2. Ashley Kidd
  3. Kristina Kolesnlkova

Semi-Pro Men's Skim

  1. Phoenix Stalbird
  2. CJ Koenig
  3. Jake Borton

Semi-Pro Men's Surf

  1. Grant Phillips
  2. JRob Terry
  3. Phoenix Stalbird
  4. Jake Borton

Semi-Pro Women's Skim

  1. Faith Byram
  2. Kaelyn Hellemn

Semi-Pro Women's Surf

  1. Reece Johnson
  2. Madison Fussell

Master's Men's Skim

  1. Sean Cummings
  2. Chad Hudson
  3. Corbin Dull
  4. Mark Walser
  5. David Williams
  6. Kyle Cantrell

Master's Men's Surf

  1. Evan Felerabend
  2. David Williams
  3. Keith Pohl
  4. Gordy Loritz
  5. David Posey
  6. Leighton Moore
  7. Shawn Harris
  8. Renato Brasil

Master's Women's Skim

  1. Dana Wright
  2. Kim Van Der Riet
  3. Sur Borton
  4. Tracey Cantrell
  5. Jody Brasil
  6. Trudy West

Master's Women's Surf

  1. Yi Teng
  2. Anji Beatty
  3. Carla Gray

Amateur Men's Skim

  1. Blake Clausen
  2. Sutton Smith
  3. Carter McDonald

Amateur Men's Surf

  1. Keenan Krall
  2. Brodee Crosby
  3. Jacob Thrasher
  4. Zachary Sallstrom
  5. John Uunger
  6. Erik Barron
  7. Tyler Bithell
  8. Jeff Smith
  9. Matthew Smith

Amateur Women's Skim

  1. Aria Hellemn
  2. Jillian Albright
  3. Victoria Moroski
  4. Makena Lendahl
  5. Paige Humphrey

Amateur Women's Surf

  1. Karla Archibald
  2. Makena Lendahl
  3. Adelyn Simpson
  4. Sterling Moore
  5. Maddie Smith
  6. Sydney Felerabend
  7. Paige Humphrey

Youth Boys

  1. Phupa Sitabutr
  2. Declyn Van der Riet
  3. Adler Felerabend
  4. Mason Unger

Youth Girls

  1. Clair Hurta
  2. Kendall Brabender
  3. Emma Proudfit
  4. Carla Owensby
  5. Lily Williams
  6. Violet Williams
  7. Clair Brabender

Thanks to Surf ATL and Centurion Boats for making this event happen! We stoked for next year’s event! Check out all the photos from the event below!

DAY 1 - 6/27


DAY 2 - 6/28

DAY 3 - 6/29


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