Inclusion Matters with The Cage Surfer

Markus and the crew at @ohana_vienna started their mission to bring wakesurfing to those who wouldn’t have a chance at it after a life changing swimming accident happened to their close friend Flo. Their focus was not only on Flo’s success but also to show that #inclusionmatters in the sport. Phase 5 is a big advocate for wanting to get any and everyone behind the boat riding regardless of any limitations they may have. Wakesurfing is something that can and should be enjoyed by everyone! We were super excited to sign our first adaptive team rider, @cagesurfer, last year. Not only adaptive, Flo was the first tetraplegic to surf in the world. Together with him and the Ohana crew, we developed the ultimate board for him and others to ride with a cage. We are proud to have helped him become the first adaptive world champ last September at the 2023 World Wakesurf Championships in Utah. His spirit and positive attitude is something truly special and we’re stoked to be a part of his journey.

We are happy to provide the right gear for Flo’s experience and grateful for all the other adaptive riders that have gotten on the water, thanks to the crew at Ohana. Just recently, we had Flo and Markus over to the US to do some R & D on Flo’s next board together with Bob Smetts himself…big things are coming from Flo and Phase 5 so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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