P5 Game of Surf (Episode 1)

We recently got some of the big hitters on the P5 team together for a friendly game of surf. It may of been "friendly" but there was some very serious game faces on display. The riders in attendance were John Akerman, Sean Silveira, Parker Payne, Nick Parros, Ashley Inloes, Whitley Stewart, and Jett Lambert. 

If your not familiar with the game of surf, it is where riders face off versus each other and execute tricks that the other rider performs. If the rider fails to land the trick, then they get a letter against them. When a rider fails at multiple tricks and garners all the letters from the game, then they are eliminated. For the sake of time, we shortened the game of surf down to two letters- "P5". 

To kick off the game, we drew names from a hat to decide the bracket for the game. Since we had an odd number of riders, the first rider that was drawn got a bye to the Semi-Final round. The bracket ended up working itself out as shown:

First Round Bye: Parker Payne

1st Round:

1st Heat: John Akerman vs. Nick Parros

2nd Heat: Ashley Inloes vs. Whitley Stewart

3rd Heat: Sean Silveira vs. Jett Lambert

2nd Round (Semi Final):

1st Heat: Parker Payne vs. Winner (John Akerman vs. Nick Parros)

2nd Heat: Winner (Ashley Inloes vs. Whitley Stewart) vs. Winner (Sean Silveira vs. Jett Lambert)

The P5 Game of Surf videos are going to be broken down into episodes from each of the heats. For the first episode, we introduce the game and cover the 1st Heat of the day between John Akerman vs. Nick Parros. You will not want to miss the action packed heat and the tricks exchanged between these two riders. 

 Video: Colorblind Media



Next week in Episode 2, we look forward to the 2nd Heat between the two ladies! Ashley Inloes vs. Whitley Stewart



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