P5 Game of Surf (Episode 5)

Episode 5 begins with a short recap of the first Semi Final match up between Parker Payne and John Akerman. This was one of the most exciting match ups in the game as the two riders switched between surf and skim style boards. They were going blow for blow and in the end Parker Payne took the Win to secure his spot in the Finals.

The featured match up in Episode 5 of the Inaugural P5 Game of Surf tournament is Jett Lambert vs Whitley Stewart. This is the second Semi Final heat to determine who will meet Parker Payne in the Final. Jett and Whitley didn't hold back against each other. These are two of the younger P5 riders on the team and its wild to see the tricks that they have up their sleeve. Watch the video to see who punches their ticket to the Final match up!

Updated Bracket after 3rd Heat:

First Round Bye: Parker Payne

1st Round:

1st Heat: John Akerman (Win) vs. Nick Parros (1st Episode, Click here to see it!) 

2nd Heat: Ashley Inloes vs. Whitley Stewart (Win) (2nd Episode, Click here to see it!)

3rd Heat: Sean Silveira vs. Jett Lambert (Win) (3rd Episode, Click here to see it!)

2nd Round (Semi Final):

1st Heat: Parker Payne (Win) vs. John Akerman (4th Episode, Click here to see it!)

2nd Heat: Whitley Stewart vs. Jett Lambert  (This Episode)

3rd Round (Final Match)

Final Match: Winner (1st Semi Heat) vs. Winner (2nd Semi Heat) (6th Episode- 7/29/22)


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